Adventure Activities in Nepal

Adventure in Nepal

Nepal offers various Adventure Activities as an add-on to trekking, peak climbing and mountain expeditions. Some of the adventure activities are top in rank in the world. Some adventure sports are getting popular in the world.

If you’re the wake-up-early-to-go-to-the-gym-before-work kind of person, or on your weekends always looking for new hiking, biking, or climbing places, your gear closet is more significant than your clothes closet; then you are the adventure traveller. And, for those seeking exciting ways to try new sports in exotic locations, Nepal has you covered!

From the glittering peaks of the Himalayas to the warm and inviting middle lands at the base of the mountains, all the way down to the jungles of the Gangetic Plains, this country is a one-stop shop for all things adventure. So let’s look at the top five adventure activities in Nepal.

Bungee Jumping

Most people have one of two reactions to Bungee Jumping. Either they say, “absolutely not!” or exclaim, “yes!” If you are in the eyes of the “hey, let’s try it” category, then put this activity on your to-do list in Nepal. With vast amounts of deep valleys rising to dizzy high mountains, there’s a cornucopia of places to “take the plunge!” Add this fantastic experience to the back of any trek to wrap up your adventure tour in Nepal.

White Water Rafting

Then there are adventure travellers who seek a more aquatic medium for their experiences. For water lovers, Nepal is blessed with excellent rivers for rafting. Taking a multi-day rafting journey is like slipping into this fantastic country’s ancient and primordial past. Drop through many ecosystems and relax on private beaches while enjoying local cuisine at night. See and explore many distinct ethnic groups along the way. If you have kids and are looking for a way for everyone can have fun together, rafting is also a great family experience. Imagine flying to Nepal and seeing all the rich cultural diversity of the great cities, then escaping to the incredible mountains where your water world awaits. Days on the river are filled with thrilling rapids punctuated by calm waters where swimming and lazing about on the raft are the only requirements for the day.

Helicopter Ride

For those that seek exciting adventures, but desire a less ambulatory experience, Everest Heli trips are a perfect fit. Combing the exciting activity of flying in a helicopter and visiting the most famous mountain in the world, Mt Everest, is perhaps one of the unique opportunities available in Nepal. Picture yourself flying over the vast Himalayan Mountain Range within the intimacy of a helicopter giving you extreme access like no other way can. Soaring above the deep valleys and towering peaks like a bird is a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Zip-line Adventure

If heights are your game, and you want to feel the wind whipping by while racing across a vast gorge, try zip lining! The picturesque town of Pokhara is the world’s longest, tallest, steepest, and fastest zip line. It is 1800 meters long of pure excitement! With the backdrop of the mighty Annapurna massif dominating the landscape, and a beautiful mountain lake sparkling below, this zip line is a thrill no adventure seeker should miss.


Speaking of soaring to new heights, have you ever wanted to try paragliding? Maybe you are a veteran paraglider desiring to seek new destinations for your passion. Nepal is also a mecca for paragliding. What makes it perfect for zip lining, Heli tours, and bungee jumping also gives Nepal great locations to try this exceptional experience. With the brilliantly white Himalayan Mountains set against a deep azure sky and undulating forested mountains dropping below you, this is a priceless opportunity to add to your journey in ancient and exotic Nepal. Paragliding in Nepal will go beyond your wildest imagination.

Puru Founder of My Everest Trip

Puru Thapaliya

My name is Puru (Purushottam Thapaliya). Since completing the Government Guide Training from Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (KEEP and HRA), I have been a specialist in mountain trekking and peak climbing. With specific expertise in the Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan regions, I have now been a trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal, and across the Himalayas, since 2012.