Langtang Valley Trek

When a lady travels alone, she must have people you trust around her while trekking. This is why I always go on My Everest Trip when I visit Nepal. I know my guide Puru very well by now. He is polite and friendly and always gives me the best service.

My Everest Trip is a tremendous trekking agency, and the manager always helps me and puts together the most excellent treks. Langtang valley Trek developed a great love for this region. This year we changed the itinerary a bit, and this is what I love about this agency. They listen to you and make the trip according to your wishes.

I like to do a lot of meditation when I go on treks, and Puru gives me time and space to do so. When I need him, he is there for me. Langtang is a beautiful place and one of my favourites in Nepal, and I recommend it to everybody to visit
this place.