Pablo Lopez Spain

Lower Dolpa with my best friend

My trek to Lower Dolpa with my best friend was challenging but we felt safe and comfortable with our guide and the team of My Everest Trip was concerned about our safety. We choose this trek to explore the second-largest lake in Nepal, Shey Phoksundo. During the route we passes through Phoksundo National Park, we hiked through the desert which was new experience for us, and explore many unique things which is still in my mind and heart. I recommend the Lower Dolpo Trek to someone looking for a unique and remote hiking adventure. It’s an experience that allows you to travel back in time, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. 

Al Azmi Kuwait

Lower Dolpo Trek Review

During my vacation, I made a plan to go on the lower Dolpo trek on the western region of Dolpo.  During the trek I got to know that Lower Dolpo has a dusty atmosphere with high altitude, I recommend you take the necessary first aid kid.  I got a chance to analyze that fresh environment and nature. It gives me the motivation to travel to more beautiful places in Nepal. I suggest that March to May and September to November is the best for the Lower Dolpo trek. Going lower Dolpo trek helps to boost my courage. Due to the best guide and best itinerary provided by My Everest Trip, my journey was beyond my expectations.

Aisha Abara Nigeria

Everest three Pass Trek

After a long discussion with my husband, we decided to take the Everest Three Pass trek on our 5th anniversary. The three high passes including Kongma La, Cho La, and Renjo La were really challenging. The tough ascents and descents weren’t easy for my physical and mental energy levels. But, each pass was a victory that left us with a powerful feeling of achievement. It was always my dream to trek in Everest Base Camp and to reach Kala Patthar once in my life which got fulfilled in my fifth anniversary. My Everest Trip made our journey easy by providing us with every single facility at each step.  

Mark Spiteri Malta

Couples Trek to Everest three Pass

Me and my girlfriend came to Nepal without any preparation so we were unknown about what to do and where to go, it was difficult to plan a tour in a short time so we took help from My Everest Trip. They helped us to decide the trip along with taking responsibility of everything. We had a great time at Everest Three Pass Trek. A flight from Kathmandu to Lukla then trekking from Namche Bazaar and reaching to Everest Base camp along with the beauties of the region, exploring five Gokyo Lakes everything feels like a dream. We were really happy with the help provided by the company and promise to back soon.

Carlo Ricci Italy

Kathmandu Valley Trek Best Trek

I am the kind of introvert person who loves peace and nature when I arrive in Nepal last time I honestly didn’t like the crowd of Kathmandu Valley so I decided to go to a peaceful place near but not away from the city facilities. My Everest Trip help me organize my trip according to my choice. The guide was very friendly and helped me with a lot of things. Even though I went on a solo trek I didn’t go through a lot of trouble. Not away from city facilities but calm and peaceful along with nature’s beauty the Kathmandu Valley trek gave me the best experience. 

Andras Barany Hungary

Best Short Trek in Kathmandu

I had been to Kathmandu several times in Nepal but haven’t got a chance for a trekking journey and exploration here. The last time I arrive here was with my fiancee and she asked me to explore the Kathmandu Valley so I contact My Everest Trip. We had provided with 3 days of itinerary to explore the Kathmandu valley. Although it was a short trek it was worthy enough. The morning view of Nagarkot, the cultural and historical sites, the Shivapuri national park, and the charming village is still in our heart. The most recommended exploration trek is for those with limited time but who want to explore Kathmandu. 

Finn Maes Belgium

Srankot Paragliding in Nepal

From the Sarankot of Pokhara, I did my first-ever paragliding in my life last December through the contact of My Everest Trip. My excitement level was on top and after doing the Paragliding my expectations meet. The experienced and skilled paragliding instructors put me comfortable with their knowledge and focus on safety. Their detailed instruction and encouragement assisted me in preparing for the exciting paragliding flight. It was not only about flying, it was about experiencing the joy of flight, seeing Nepal’s breathtaking landscapes from an unparalleled vantage point, and enjoying the feeling of freedom.

Ahmed Khan Dubai

Paragliding in Nepal

I always wanted to try Paragliding in Nepal as Nepal’s Paragliding is famous around the world but I was wondering how to go and whom to contact my friend suggest “My Everest Trip”  and I arrive in Nepal by having contact with My Everest Trip. The company helps me a lot to comfort me before Paragliding starts. I gave all the responsibility to the My Everest Trip and they fulfilled their responsibility with all their heart. I am so much satisfied with the Paragliding team and the company from where I did my plan. 

Imar Ward Canada

Imar Ward From Canada

I am the kind of person who loves to travel different country and explore the culture and traditions of the people. I once heard Nepal is a country where large number of culture are celebrated then packed my bag and arrived in Nepal. then I contact My Everest Trip and I was amazed at how the company is charging very minimal costs for the facility they provide The trek was very well organized and I found the team was full of professional people. I choose Jomsom Mustang Trek and was really pleased that I chose that itinerary. Everything was amazing and more than I expected much love for Nepal.

Alexis Crawford Scotland

Jomson Trek with My Everest Trip

Last March, I booked my trip to Jomsom Mustang trek with My Everest trip after a friend’s suggestion. This 14 days trek was a real meaning of my life. Mustang is the district famous for its delicious apple and the pilgrims’ site also.  Hospitality of Gurung and Thakali people, the monastery, gompas, and the ice lake of Dhaulagiri are the major attraction of the trek. I really enjoyed the trek and I loved the service provided by the My Everest Trip Company. 

Julio Flores United States

Best Rafting from My Everest trip

As a White Water rafter, I suggest white water rafting if you are an adventure seeker and nature lover. It’s an opportunity for you to see your ability, connect with nature’s beauty, and see the natural world from a fresh viewpoint. This Amazing rafting is more than simply rafting, it’s about enjoying the river’s energy, feeling alive, and making memories that will last for a lifetime. I planned this adventure through My Everest Trip, if you also wanted to take the plane and suggestion My Everest Trip will help you a lot. 

Shane Bryant France

Amazing Thrilling Activity

Bungee Jump was an amazing and thrilling activity I had in Nepal, the staff was really professional with safety measures. Amazing experience I had, I did both the bungee and the swing. I was so frightened at first but then I did this. If you love the height activity this is the one must-try in Nepal. And My Everest Trip helped me a lot by choosing a place to jump to ensure my safety. Thanks to all for providing me with safety. 

Egger Muller Switzerland

Egger Muller From Switzerland

Looking back, the bungee jump in Nepal was a life-changing and unforgettable experience for me. The entire experience was more than simply the jump, it was a mix of emotions and a connection with nature. The surrounding landscape’s natural beauty, with the gorge and river creating their way through the rough terrain, offered a spectacular background that contributed to the entire pleasure.

Jakson Torres New York

Lobuche is a lifelong journey for me

The journey of Lobuche is a lifelong journey for me. Coming from New York taking an adventurous trip in Nepal was really amazing. Thanks to the whole team of My Everest trip for my comfortable trekking journey. I recommend the Lobuche Peak climbing journey for those who enjoy mountaineering and seeking excitement. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and enjoy the breathtaking Himalayan views.

Louis Hadid Zambia

Lobuche Peak Climbing Review

Me and my group of 3 friends had a Lobuche East Peak climbing last Spring. The team on My Everest trip treated us very well like their own family. After arriving in Kathmandu they pick up from the airport in a private car. They really did their best for our comfortable and outstanding experience. From handling small requests to dealing with health problems the team takes care of each and everything during our 19 days journey. our guide was so smiley that he always kept smiling and cheerful to help us out. the My Everest Trip made our journey unforgettable, I will surely return to Nepal again and definitely work with the My Everest Trip team.

Alsdn ED New Zeland

Luxury Everest base camp trek

The Luxury Everest base camp trek is one of the best trekking itineraries I have chosen for ten days. The luxury accommodation with a deluxe tented camp, comfortable, heating facilities along with beautiful views make my trekking journey more enchanting. Accommodation to dining everything was perfect in this trekking itinerary so I am highly satisfied with the service provided thank you all the team.

Luis Potrey Canada

Luis Potrey Family Trek to EBC

I had a luxury Everest trek with my family a couple of months ago, the trek is the combination of adventure with comfort. I choose this Luxury trek to provide a comfortable trek to my family and we really appreciate the service provided by this company. reaching Everest Base camp is truly a big achievement for us. I highly recommend it to someone who is looking for a combination of adventure and luxury.

Simon Da Silva Brazil

Simon Da Silva in Chulu East Climbing

I was depressed for a while and going through a tough time in my life at that time my friend told me to go for an adventure trip to Nepal. He has traveled with this company before and he suggested me this company. After coming to Nepal I contact My Everest Trip who helped me from choosing the best itinerary for everything. I had been to Chulu East Trek climbing which provides my mind peace and took my depression away at some point. Nepal is really heaven. I will be back in Nepal after some time and surely visit take a trip from this travel agency.

Devid Walker Canada

Chulu East Peak Was Amazing Trip

Climbing Chulu East Peak was a genuinely amazing trip that mixed thrills, skill, and natural beauty into one incredible package. This review captures my great experiences, emotions, and observations from this amazing trek. The beauty of Tilicho Lake and the amazing view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu really freshen up my mind. Thanks to this travel agency for making my journey incredible.

Henry Franklin Australia

Henry Franklin From Australia

I did 21 days of Pisang Valley Climbing in Nepal. The trek arranges were excellent with the experienced guide, The transportation, permit, and lodges were arranged by the company very perfectly. The trek of Pisang Peak became a life-changing experience for me. The Pisang Valley climbing taught me the importance of teamwork and dedication and provided me with the opportunity to observe the natural beauty of the Himalayas. Although there were many difficulties, the rewards were even greater.

Joe Perry Germany

Pisang Peak Climbing

To someone who is interested in mountaineering and looking for a true adventure I highly recommend the Pisang Peak climbing trip. It’s a trip that will be somehow challenging but, reward you with breathtaking scenery, and leave an unforgettable mark on your spirit. each step toward the destination is a step toward self-discovery and achievement. I cannot express how grateful I am to this company, and I am already planning my next trip with them.

Edwin Cooper England

Everest Mountain Flight

Recently I visited the Everest region by flight, I saw an aerial view of Mt.Everest. That snow-covered mountain looks magnificent views. Taking the flight gives an aerial view of nature and paces. To feel that nature trekking is the best option and for seeing nature beauty taking flight is perfect.  During the flight, I take a lot of videos and photos, so I could capture the best beautiful moment of my life. Thanks to this company for the wonderful flight. 

Alice D Russia

Birthday Trip

on my 20th birthday, I planned to enjoy mountain views from the sky with my friends. So we booked a flight from Kathmandu to see Mt.Everest through My Everest Trip company. During the flight, we got a chance to see more beauties of the Himalayas. The flight gives a perfect view of the Himalayas with details and it looks different, along with it enhance beauty.   From the sky, the villages and cities look of near Mt.Everest look tiny but beautiful. We can feel the beauty of the nature and fresh cold air. it was absolutely the best day of my life and unforgettable journey I ever had. 

Thomas Austria

Best Kathmandu Valley Tour

Kathmandu is a beautiful place and I am glad that “My Everest Trip” made it super easy for me to experience it. The Kathmandu Valley tour met all my expectations. I heartily suggest taking on this exciting journey if you’re looking for a combination of history, spirituality, and culture.

Emma Brown Australia

Kathmandu Valley Tour Review

Recently, I had my life’s most pleasure travel on an unforgettable trip to Kathmandu Valley, and I am really excited to share my experience.  The journey was extraordinary, it was full of amazing culture, fascinating history, and breathtaking views. I was surrounded by a world of amazed for a minute when I stepped foot in this ancient valley. Everything went well, Planning my trip was a very smooth process because of My Everest Trip thanks to all team. 

William Davies England

My Everest trip team Are Great

Honestly saying the trek wasn’t easy for me personally. But luckily, I had the “My Everest trip team” on my side making things a lot easier from start to end. I went alone for the trek but the MET team never made me feel alone and lonely. The Tsum Valley trek was more than just a physical journey it was an immersion into the heart of the Himalayas, an exploration into a world where time is stopped, and an interaction with the kindness of the local communities people.

Henry Scotland

Tsum Valley’s Attractiveness

The Tsum Valley’s attractiveness is not just about its breathtaking scenery, but also its spiritual importance. Monasteries, chortens, and mani walls are the Tsum Valley’s uniqueness, reflecting the region’s deeply rooted Buddhist traditions. The kindness of the people, their smiles, and their willingness to share their culture provided real peace to the trek. We had such an amazing experience trekking to Tsum Vally, thanks to the Everest Trip team for taking care of everything, before trekking, during trekking and end of trekking. 

Ava Abney France

Excellent Trip to Yala Peak

Had an excellent trip to Yala Peak in Langtang Valley with a Very well-arranged trekking schedule. Climbing Yala Peak was a mix of excitement and fear. The adventure began with a pleasant drive through stunning landscapes and a traditional village. The trek to base camp provided views of the majestic peaks that surrounded me, each step a reminder of the upcoming adventure. Thanks to the team for this amazing journey.

Noah Thomas United States

Best Yala Peak Climbing

Trekking with the My Everest Trip team is my best adventurous trip yet, the journey I spent with them on Yala Peak Climbing is still in my heart. Yala peak climbing rewarded me with breathtaking panoramic views.  Besides reaching the summit, the trek was about the test of determination, interaction with nature, and an opportunity to create a memory for my whole life. Reaching the Yala Peak is somehow challenging and unbelievable but with the help of an experienced guide, I completed this trip successfully. I am expecting the same services for my next visit with my friends

Lorenzo Italy

Best Annapurna Base Camp Trek for 8 Days

The Annapurna Base Camp trek was a remarkable adventure, reminiscent of my Everest trip. Our guide Ganesh expertly navigated us through the diverse landscapes, sharing his extensive knowledge and making the journey both informative and enjoyable. The stunning views of the Annapurna range were breathtaking and the experience was made even more memorable thanks to Ganesh’s guidance. A must-visit for trekking enthusiasts looking for a unique and well-guided Trekking.

Marri, John and Beth UK

EBC With Helicopter Tour

Mr Puru and his company, My Everest Trip, were a great experience!  They made things very easy for me, my father, and mum on our trek to Everest Base Camp with  Helicopter Tours!  Very flexible and helpful.  He is an amiable person Mr Puru and is always happy to assist us with anything, including flights and packages we need, last-minute changes, hotel arrangements, and tours.  Great guys always have a smile on their faces.  I want them to continue their top service; They genuinely deserve it.  Give them a try; you won’t regret it.   

Jennifer USA

Everest Base Camp Trek

In mid-November  2021, I went on a tour of Everest Base Camp Trek with My Everest Trip. I was a little worried because I had never been trekking in my life … but I did a survey and found a Puru who is run a trekking company in Nepal, so after much thought, I decided to go with them. In the beginning, I contacted Puru, the company’s Manager  I was very satisfied with his interaction and communication with me. I had so many questions and worries about the trip and he was able to guide me and answer all my questions The process on board was smooth and easy.

When I arrived in Nepal, I found that everything was ready from the person who picked me up from the airport to the hotel, some equipment for the trip, a complete introductory meeting about what to expect from the trip, All land transport, and even before I left Nepal for a walk.  I’m really glad I made him my guide. a very unique person. he is more than a guide .. he is also a good friend,  he made sure I enjoyed it. he still shares his expertise in the mountains, Sherpas, and Nepalese culture. . he always supported me, even on days that I had a hard time due to altitude sickness. he encouraged me and inspired me not to give up our life journey, he always emphasized health and safety first. Despite all the challenges of the trek to Everest Base Camp Trek but I’m so glad I did it and I did it with a very good group of people on My Everest Trip. I highly recommend  My Everest Trip if anyone looking for a trek in Nepal.

Everest Short Trek
Robert USA

Short time in Nepal

We took a short Everest trek because we had a very short time in Nepal. The time pressure caused us to shorten the trip, but adjusting the route of the office staff really helped me to fulfill my dream of a walk on Everest Short trek. I really recommend the My Everest Trip, because they are more efficient with their offers and the total price of the package is also regulated for them, which is much easier for us! The journey itself is unique and simply unique. Mr puru who is the owner of ( My Everest Trip) knows each and every step of the Everest trek and explain everything when I call him via WhatsApp and I believe he and I book a trip with him.

I love the landscape and the beautiful natural environment that is in this area and beautiful colorful prayer flags on every tree and parties in monasteries are very beautiful scenery. The topography of the whole place is very different; I’ve never experienced anything like it anywhere. People and their way of life are also very different; very straightforward, humble to look at. The cottages where we stayed, small inns, and snow huts in the mountains were very nice. I love getting up early in the morning and then having breakfast on the terraces of the tea houses overlooking the beautiful and peaceful slopes of the Himalayas, that’s heaven! The Nepal Hiking Team will take care of everything and I have had a great time I can tell everyone that it is better for you to join the Nepal Hiking Team because they actually provide their services. !

Laurie Australia

EBC Trek With My Everest Trip

I have an astonishing encounter! I did the EBC trek with My Everest Trip, a lovely and kind aide. All the groups from My Everest trip were exceptionally mindful, adaptable, and strong during the Trekking as well as in the past and during my outdoor trip. It is tough to go during a pandemic, yet the group was exceptionally proficient and supportive. Many thanks, My Everest Trip ( Puru ). See you soon   


Australia Australia

Amazing Everest Trek

What an individual-changing trip it ended up being, our aide Hari was five-star, proficient, amicable, with extraordinary information, and he took care of us. I wouldn’t pick one more outing without him; he was only that great. From the first contact with this organization, I realized they were individuals to book with. Every one of my inquiries was responded to rapidly with the specific data I was looking for. As I had investigated, the journey itself was challenging but very satisfying. Again our aide Kewal took all the vital well-being safeguards, permitting us to adapt accurately, telling us every one of the day-by-day things we would insight. Quite often, he would get some information about our actual well-being; without this aide, we would perhaps not have finished the journey, as numerous others we saw were cleared due to wrong acclimatization and speed of which to go to elevation correctly. An enormous thank you to all the group at My Everest Trip. I would enthusiastically suggest them and constantly involve them in further journeys in Nepal.      




Pitter  USA

Everest Base camp with Helicopters  

It was my dream to touch my soul to mt Everest base camp in my life but my age and my knee can’t afford it, but finally, I show my Everest trip they have helicopters tour in his packages within 4 hours tour mt Everest base camp and come back, I was so surprised and I start to talk with my Puru who will arrange Myarrange  Mt, base camp by helicopters. and his office and we talk about the tour plans the next day morning he manages this trip by joining the group on a great  Helicopter Tours to Everest Base Camp & Kalapther Tour.   

I am really enjoying my short holiday in Nepal with Everest Heli Tour to Everest base camp, actually, we stopped close to the bottom of Kalapathar Hill, above Gorak shep and Everest viewpoint also a perfect spot for excellent close views of Mt. Everest and the alluring panorama of the whole mountain range of Everest and many others mountain Views.   

 Smith Australia

Everest Base Camp Group Joining Trek

It was a 14-day Everest journey towards the Everest Base camp trek in the Everest region of Khumbu Trek.   One of the finest companies or as I call companions, I was able to join a group from this company. There was a good plan for us and thanks to Mr. Puru and his team, who helped us.  Our guide or team leader, Mr. Ratna was a friendly and helpful person as I expect and all are happy with his way of guiding. 

 During the trek, he helped and informed us about all the information we need in facts and history regarding the Everest region. My Everest Trip just added a different flavor to this great Everest experience. They made this trek comfortable and easy for us.

David and Toni USA

Everest Base camp (EBC ) Trek

I Got good recommendations from my friend about this company ( My Everest Trip ) and especially Mr. Puru who will organize my friend’s trip to Everest base camp ( EBC). The experience was incredible and thanks again to my friend Christy. The entire expedition was well organized by professional guides. Especially my guide hari, he knows all the unique spots, best lodges and all the essential information you need for your trip. I’m so grateful for his help during my travels as I was able to enjoy my time more with the assurance of a guide by my side and once again thanks to the organizer and his company. 


Toni Germany

Fever Best EBC Trekking for my Life

We joined the Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC)  with My Everest Trip. Perfect timing for every step. Easy to communicate with Hari, who is our guide. We were so comfortable booking our trip so we did and it was our right decision. Our guide was helpful and Knowledgeable, and I think he knows everything. Taking care of our food, explaining everything, and taking great care of our flight schedule to Lukla, Thank you for My Everest Trip.      

Enzo and Louis France

Everest Short Trek in Nepal

We had a short EBC  trek organized by My Everest Trip and it was an amazing trek. We were able to organize everything from France, getting all the information we needed very quickly. They organized our trip exactly as we wanted and every detail was perfect. Trekking guide and porters both are very friendly and very smart than others company used guise who care us in hole trip. were A great experience!!! For sure when I’ll go back to Nepal I’ll organize another trek with them very soon And if I meet some other clients I will highly recommend my Everest trip group and Mr. Puru who make our trip without any problems.



Christan and Lisa   Germany

Upper Mustang Trek

Me and my wife decided to trek the Upper Mustang and luckily we chose  My Everest  Trip. We had a wonderful experience trekking in Upper Mustang. When we landed in TIA, we were welcomed by hari. He was very easy and responsive to work with us. He explained all the queries we had and gave a brief description of the tour. As we were watching his last mustang trek videos and reading blogs about Upper Mustang.  

We had a lot of expectations about the place and the trekking agency we were working with them. We had a private 18-day tour with a whole trip package, a porter guide, and everything that we needed on a trip. And to be honest, we found everything beyond our expectations. The hills, mountains, and monasteries were all amazing, especially Lo Manthang is a great place to visit. Our guide was also equally supportive and friendly. The team made our trek more enjoyable. While writing this, it reminded me of the days we had on the trails. Thank You again for the wonderful experience. Best wishes to Christan and Lisa  We will definitely love to return and probably do the Everest base camp Trek or Dolpo next time.  


Everest Short Trek

The great Everest short trek ( EBC) is the most spectacular trip that I have ever known.

What I liked personally about this trek was the courtesy and reception of the inhabitants at this place. Even though the trek was steep and sharp we had ample routes to trek and enjoy. We even had time to take marvelous pictures at each and every step of the trek. I should say that I went on this trek at the right time. It was a life-changing experience for me!!


Monica Austria

Highly Recommended Everest Base Camp Trek

We did our trek to Everest base camp with My Everest Trip. During the trip, we get good lodges and food, a guide and porter, and Flight to Lukla especially everything is well done our Guide Ratna was with us always so that makes us more comfortable cause if we need any help he can manage everything as we need it. Ratna and Porter Birman were very helpful and experienced. They did a great job. And finally, we realize without them we could not manage our trip. They choose a good lodge and food during the trek. With a happy smile.

After Tengboche, the view was stunning most of the time. We did both base camp and Kalapatthar during our trek. Trekking up to the Kalapatthar was hard but it was a fantastic viewpoint we see Everest is closed to us and it is so worth it. Exploring the base camp is an amazing adventure of a lifetime. We would like to give many thanks to My Everest Trip and our crew Ratna and Birman for their great effort. We will highly be recommended this trip to our friend and this company who arrange everything without any problems.

Ben Berlin

Perfect Everest Base Camp Trip

We joined the Everest Base Camp Trek with My Everest Trek in Nepal. When we arrived at Kathmandu airport  Our Guide Hari was waiting to receive us After we meet. Him we took the car from the airport to the hotel and he gives for us all the information about our trip and what equipment we need it luckily we buy a few things in Kathmandu which is we forget to take with us. So in the evening owner, Mr. Puru comes and he took us to a good restaurant for well come dinner so we are very impressed when he talks about his courier and became boos and he gives us a few tips about our trek so we have more confidence than to do this trek and he is such a kind person he gives us his WhatsApp number if incase any things happen to call or text me. So We feel comfortable booking our trip with My Everest Trip.

Our Guide Hari was helpful and knowledgeable and He cares for us as much as he can. he well manages our flight schedule to Lukla also, We have every day good weather and we enjoy it as much as on our trip Thank you For My Everest Trip and our guide Hari once again.


Elizabeth South Australia

Lovely Trekking Holiday in Nepal

I made a lovely Trekking holiday in Nepal. Well taken care of all our requirements, it was so enjoyable from the main arrival to final departure from Kathmandu, Everest Base camp trek is a marvellous adventure For us. Thank you for a tremendously wonderful experience and for taking care of us.



Joanne England

Everest Base Camp kalapathar Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is So beautiful overlooking a gorgeous panorama of high towering Himalayan peaks with Mt. Everest at a very close distance from the top of high Kalapathar it was a breathtaking experience in my Life. I Haven’t expected I am that much close and to touch my soul to Everest.

Thanks to all staff and especially Mr Hari who cares for me each and every stapes for much care on Everest Base Camp Trekking.


Robert USA

Memorable Everest Base Camp Trek

Thank you all at My Everest Trip for the beautiful and marvellous adventure on the Everest base camp trek in my Lifetime time adventure, enjoyed every day, from stunning views of Everest and more high peaks to lovely accommodations on the nice local lodge, including lavish meals and help complete guide and porters.

Thanks to all, especially our guide Ram and owner Mr Puru, who makes my trip memorable. I hope soon I will have another trip to Mustang.

Tracey Austria

Great Experience With Nepal Himalayan

This was my third trek with My Everest Trip and my husband and my son were first and it was fantastic! Our guide Ratna and Porters Birkagi and man Kumar make it created Himalayan magic! When we arrived at Kathmandu airport we are not worried cause I know them very well and they come to Welcomed us at Kathmandu airport by our previous guide Ratna and were cared for every day until we returned to the airport by this most impressive guide. When we fly Kathmandu to Lukla then we met our porters. On the mountain, Ratan. guided us daily to the most friendly and warm teahouses and made sure we had plenty of tea and make a short Break after 30 min to 1-hour walk. They always look at goos lodge. And the best good food for us, we always get warm showers and after fun card games. He helped us take our time with acclimatizing and kept us safe when the altitude and exertion accumulated. Our porter was always smiling and helpful and was amazing in his ability to move our gear up and down the mountain- he also plays a great card game! I highly recommend the Gokyo Lake trek for its beauty, the opportunity for stunning views of Everest and its neighbors.

Thank you My Everest Trip for a great experience With Nepal Himalayan For my Faimelyes and hope we will have another trek soon.

Jerzy UK

Amazing Trek in My Life

Everest Gokyo Ri trek is the Gorgeous trek in the Everest Region, the heart of Khumbu visit the busy and dynamic Namche Bazaar on the second day and then head off to a less trodden path up to Gokyo Lakes. It is trekking at its best, stunning and peaceful, with the pinnacle of the trek up to Gokyo Ri with the splendid Himalayan mountain views. Where we can see ( 4 of 8000 M) mountain with so many mountains with lake and sunrise, My guide Ram and porter Chandra were amazing, Thye taking well care of me enjoying their enthusiasm and joy of this spectacular region. I thought without them I can’t do this trek, I just loved them, Me and my Friend trekked this time and enjoyed the solitude Trek, we get always the best accommodation and then the company at the guest and tea houses. It was perfect and I am already planning my next trek with My Everest Trip.

If any of you are planning to trek in Nepal I will highly recommend this company and organizer Mr. Puru.


Giuseppe Italian

Best Trekking Agencies in Nepal

I did the Everest Base camp Trek, the classic route, last November, and it has been amazing! This is the kind of journey that you have to prepare for well before you go, and I have been assisted step by step by the Kathmandu office, who helped me through the whole process by replying promptly to all the questions that came to my mind I was going further with the planning.

Everything from the picking up at the airport to the goodbye dinner has been very well organized, making this journey the experience of a lifetime. I had been to Nepal a few years before, and I did a tour of this beautiful country at that time.

My Everest Trip I enjoyed it so when I started checking the several agencies that run Everest Base Camp  Trek, I decided to choose them; during the trek, my guide  Hari answered hundred of times patiently my questions about every single peak we would see. he is an amiable person as well as our porter. I also changed a bit the scheduled plan by adding, while we were on our way up, an additional day for trekking to the Ama Dablam Base Camp, which is so unique to Everest base camp, which, by the way, I strongly recommend), accommodation and many other things) so that it has been possible for me to have that extra experience also. This journey has been one of the best holidays of my life; I have so many beautiful memories!

I highly recommend this agency if anyone is looking for trekking or tours in Nepal.

Elizabeth Australia

Better Accommodation and Good Food

My partner and I recently completed the Everest Short trek with My Everest Trip in December. I could not have asked for a more supportive and trustworthy company to go with. Our guide Hari and porter, Mr Birman lama, was an excellent and professional team from when we were picked up in Kathmandu and throughout our trek.

Hari and Birman were supportive and informative along the trek, and I recommend requesting them. We had a perfect time without any problems. Still, the views were good. My Everest Trip guides are knowledgeable and very attentive; they know very well about Sherpa culture and all the mountain names and Hight, and they always look for us better accommodation and good food; I would recommend this company to anyone thinking of doing the Everest Short Trek.


Ulrik Augsburg

Himalayan range and beauty of vast wildness

I came to know My Everest Trip by chance with my previous trekking to ABC at the end of last year This was my second time with My Everest Trip for organizing such a wonderful trip to Everest Short Trek with my wife and children and it was truly amazing, enjoyable trip, it leaves us a profound experience with spectacular view of some highest mountain and many others peak in the Himalayan range and beauty of vast wildness.

My Everest Trip range can be strenuous, but our guide Ram helps us every step of the way which makes the trip a complete hassle-free, we are very thankful for his service and would recommend it to anyone coming to Nepal for a hiking adventure.

Once again, thank you for all to make our trekking trip an unforgettable event for us And we are definitely coming back to Nepal again.

Ken United States

Experience a once in a lifetime adventure 

We just completed the s-day hike to Everest Short Trek. Five of us on the trip, plus our guide, Hari. The trip was terrific, and our guides were there to help and assist every step of the way. He is very helpful and accommodating. Hari has made this trip many times, shared about the culture and people, and taught every mountain’s name and height. He has such good knowledge to know everything.

I highly recommend this trip to any adventurous souls who want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.



Bryan United States

Wonderful, Professional, and personable organization

I would like to thank My Everest Trip for organizing our trip. Their efforts created a seamless experience that allowed us to enjoy the wonders of the Himalayas, the warmth of its people, and the rich cultural heritage of this majestic land with Everest Views in front of our eyes.

Although this was considered a short trek, our guide, assistant guide, and porters all kept us well-rested, hydrated, and motivated to make our daily trek manageable and enjoyable.

They were also very flexible in our planning and were able to make last-minute adjustments to the schedule when we were ahead or behind pace. I also want to thank Mr. Puru who arrange everything during the trip it is A wonderful, professional, and personable organization from start to finish! Namaste!

Mahakulina Slovenia

Wow! Everest short trek with My Everest Trip

Thanks, Krishna for hosting us and for your patience with warm hospitality, and for showing your great country with the beautiful Himalayas.

It is my dream to trek Mt. Everest but I have a few days only but still Loved the Everest short trek accomplished in our short leisure.  Each & every activity was nicely managed for us.

Mr. Puru did his duty was very attractive to Evener who don’t let any space for dissatisfaction.

We will surely be returning to do the Everest base camp trek in our long leisure.  The mountains and the people of Nepal are fantastic.

Best regards Mahakulina

Matth Australia, Perth

Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

Peik Denmark

Best trekking ever

I went on a trek with my mom and some of our friends In Langtang. We have been to Nepal several times; this was the best trip ever. Next time we go, we will choose My Everest Trip again.
Thank you, Puru, for a great time and new friendship.
Best regards, and see you again

Jan Netherland

Annapurna Base Camp and Pokhara Tour

I had the best adventure with my friends doing the Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

When the manager from My Everest Trip picked us up at the airport, we were so excited about Nepal and our trek. We had a few days in Kathmandu before our tour, and Puru was very helpful in ensuring the taxi drivers would not cheat us, showing us good places to eat and shop, and helping with everything we needed. Before the trek, he made sure we had an excellent briefing, and we were amazed to hear he would guide the tour himself and his assistant guide Ratna.  

The trek was hard work and great fun. All the staff joining in on tour was passionate about their work. Some of the porters did not speak much English, but we communicated the best we could and laughed a lot because one of my friends is a bit of an actor and always tried to act out what she wanted to tell them. Puru was the whole trek present and kind, not only to us but to everybody we met; one day, we walked with a group from another company, and Puru noticed that one of the girls was struggling a bit and without a word, he just took her backpack so she could walk more accessible. 

I do not doubt that the people at My Everest Trip, led by Puru, represent modern Nepal with deep roots in tradition, culture, and humility. They are modest people with excellent knowledge of their country.

After the trek, we had plans to stay a few days on our own in Pokhara to relax and do paragliding. Before Puru returned to Kathmandu, he arranged for a nice hotel and our bus ticket back to Kathmandu, where he would meet us and go for dinner.

We are very thankful for the personal service we received; we could not have wished for anything more, except maybe for more time in Nepal, so I think we need to go back and meet all the good and warm-hearted people again.   

I give you my warmest recommendation.

Milagros Denmark

Everest Short Trek

We absolutely fell in love with Nepal after doing the Everest short trekWhen my friend and I started to plan our trip to Nepal we were not quite sure which trek we wanted to do, just that it should not be a very long and strenuous one. The manager was very helpful giving us different options to choose from and in the end, we chose the Everest short trek which gave us the opportunity to see Mount Everest, fly to Lukla and visit the gate to Everest, Namche Bazar. It all seemed very appealing to us, and we don’t regret it for a moment. We had the choice to go on a private trip on day 3 or join another group on day 4. We decided to join a group since it could be fun to meet more people. This also gave us the opportunity to be well-rested and well prepared.  

After a long flight and all the procedures at the airport, it was nice to go outside and be greeted by a friendly face, jump in a car, and be taken to a nice hotel. When you are a first-time visitor to Nepal, Kathmandu can be quite overwhelming, especially if you are not an experienced, traveler. So I was quite happy we asked the manager to find a hotel close to his office in the heart of Thamel. It was a nice and clean hotel, with good beds, air-conditioning, and hot water in the shower.

The day before we left for Lukla we met our group and our guide at My Everest Trip for a briefing and an update on the weather conditions, the weather can be quite tricky and can always cause delays when it comes to flying Lukla.

The next morning we were ready to go, the weather caused no problems and gave us the most spectacular view of the Himalayas from the plain.

It’s not possible to describe in words how beautiful this place is, you really have to go and see it for yourself. Our guide did a great job, his knowledge and love for his country were reflected in everything he did. He was always close, making sure everybody was happy and safe and taking care of everything.

The Everest short trek is a good choice for a short trek. You see so much in a few days and learn so much about the history and the culture and we cannot thank My Everest Trip enough for giving us such a wonderful adventure.  

After returning to Kathmandu we visited the office several times for good advice or just to drink a cup of tea with the manager and every time we were greeted by his kindness and enthusiasm. The manager and his staff really offer the best service you could ask for. Therefore we will return to Nepal and My Everest Trip for another adventure because we are now in love with Nepal

Alexander UK

Langtang Trek Reviews

When a lady travels alone, she must have people you trust around her while trekking. This is why I always go on My Everest Trip when I visit Nepal. I know my guide Puru very well by now. He is polite and friendly and always gives me the best service.

My Everest Trip is a tremendous trekking agency, and the manager always helps me and puts together the most excellent treks. Langtang valley Trek developed a great love for this region. This year we changed the itinerary a bit, and this is what I love about this agency. They listen to you and make the trip according to your wishes.

I like to do a lot of meditation when I go on treks, and Puru gives me time and space to do so. When I need him, he is there for me. Langtang is a beautiful place and one of my favourites in Nepal, and I recommend it to everybody to visit
this place.

Christian German

Manaslu Trek

This is the coolest trek I ever did. Challenging but fun. Since we moved through the big difference in altitude and followed steep trails, we were happy we had good guides and porters. Our guide Krishna was very helpful in telling us how to walk and take rests, and we knew before we went that we had to be in good shape and well prepared. What I liked the most about this trek was the variations of the land shape from the forests to the rough mountain terrains. The views are stunning, and it’s interesting to witness the change in culture as you get closer to Tibet.   

In addition to the fact that this is a super lovely trek, the guys from My Everest Trip are very nice guys to hang around. They are highly skilled in mountaineering and always know what they are doing. Our guide took all the safety precautions necessary to avoid altitude sickness and instructed us on what clothes to wear for each specific day and what to bring in our daypack, as the weather conditions can change very quickly. The porters were running so fast ahead with our backpacks.

The fact that everything was arranged before we started made it very easy for us not to worry about accommodation and stuff.

We will consider repeating this great adventure in another part of Nepal. We will not hesitate to ask My Everest Trip to arrange another trek.

Well done! See you again

Peikhansen Denmark

EBC Trek of my life

I participated in this great Trek with my friends. It was thrilling and fun. I trekked on My Everest Trip a few years back, so I had big expectations, and of course, I was not disappointed! Like last time, everything was planned for our arrival, the company even gave us the same guide as last time, so it was like trekking with an old friend.

The EBC trek is lovely,y with a suitable itinerary, great nature, and many culinary places to see.
The days passed so quickly since we had such a good time.

My friends and I are so happy about how My Everest Trip organized this adventure and want to send a special greeting to the manager Mr Puru for doing such a great job. I give my highest recommendation to this reliable company and wish you all the best.

William Denmark, Copenhagen

En oplevelse for livet

Everest base camp trekket var en fantastisk oplevelse. Ruten, naturen, kulturen og alle historierne der er knyttet til det legendariske Mount Everest. Min søster og jeg var slet ikke forberedt på at vi ville blive så meget blæst bagover af denne fantastiske rejse.
Vi fandt My Everest Trip på internettet og bookede turen via hjemmesiden, det var utrolig enkelt og vi havde under hele processen en god dialog med ejeren af bureauet, så vi hele tiden var opdateret og kunne stille alle de spørgsmål der meldte sig.
Bureauet bruger kun certificerede guider og forsikrede portere, hvilket giver en stor tryghed. I det hele taget er nepaleserne utrolig venlige og servicemindede og vi kan ikke sætte en finger på den service der blev ydet os under hele vores ophold i Nepal, ikke kun på selve trekket, men også både før og efter.
Trekket var godt tilrettelagt, dagene planlagt så sikkerheden altid var i højsædet og vores guide var virkelig dygtig til sit arbejde.
At vandre i Himalaya er en oplevelse for livet. Dagene er fulde af indtryk fra de smukke omgivelser, men i høj grad også en indre rejse, hvor man virkelig kommer til at tænke over livet og hvad der har betydning, det var helt utroligt som vi rykkede os mentalt. Den nepalesiske tilgang til livet smitter af på én og som dagene gik, blev vi bedre og bedre til at være til stede i nuet og takle små forhindringer når de dukkede op.
En stor tak skal lyde til bureauet for at give os denne fantastiske oplevelse og vi giver dem vores varmeste anbefalinger

Group photograph with trekkers
karen Malaysia

Langtang Gosainkunda was great!

My Everest Trip gave me one of the best experiences of my life when I participated in a fantastic trek in Langtang. I understand why Langtang is popular because it is a lovely area. The Langtang Gosainkunda trek is a beautiful trek where you walk through various landscapes, one more breathtaking. Our guide did a great job telling us about the culture, and he knew the names of many peaks. All the staff members were friendly and service-minded and took great care of us from start to end. When one of my friends had a minor injury, our guide stepped in immediately and provided help so my friend could continue the trek. It was also apparent that our guide was well-liked as we came happy and friendly people greeted him and us everywhere. As the days passed by, we developed a good friendship.

The trek was well put together; most days were 5-6 hours walk which gave us time to enjoy the scenery and take breaks, and in the afternoon, after arriving destination, a point to consume the day and be briefed about the next day.
We are pleased with how My Everest Trip organized the trek and the excellent service provided. We give our warmest recommendation and hope to return one day.

Christian Hansen Denmark

Aktiv familieferie

Vi er en aktiv familie med to sønner på 11 og 13 år. Vi har altid rejst meget og vil gerne have fuld fart på vores ferier. Jeg havde egentlig aldrig tænkt på Nepal som et land hvor man rejste hen med børn, men da et ungt familiemedlem kom hjem og fortalte om sine oplevelser i landet blev vi alligevel nysgerrige og begyndte at undersøge hvad man egentlig kunne gøre sammen med børn i Nepal. Vi fandt My Everest Trips hjemmeside og indså hurtigt at der var masser af aktiviteter der var velegnede for børn på vores alder.

Efter et par mails frem og tilbage med manageren fandt vi frem til et fint lille trek som knægtene sagtens ville kunne klare, nemlig Mardi Himal.

Mardi Himal trekket var et rigtigt godt valg, man får udfoldet sig fysisk, men det er ikke hårdere end at man også kan hygge sig mens man vandrer. Både vores guide og vores portere var utroligt opmærksomme på vores sønner, lavede sjov og spillede kort med dem. Det var virkelig dejligt at se den gensidige glæde der udspillede sig mellem dem, på trods af sprog og kultur forskelle og det havde en utrolig afsmittende effekt på os som forældre at vi bare kunne nyde turen i ro og mag.

Trekket bare var en del af vores ferie i Nepal og vi besøgte også Chitwan nationalpark, Pokhara og selvfølgelig Kathmandu med alle dertilhørende seværdigheder, men der hersker ingen tvivl om at Mardi Himal var turens højdepunkt.

Nepal er et rigtigt dejligt land at rejse i med børn. Vi mødte så meget velvilje og godhed over alt.

Vores tur var sammensat af My Everest Trip i samarbejde med os, så vi fik set et bredt spekter af dette vidunderlige land. Det hele var så fint tilrettelagt og planlagt på forhånd at vi ikke skulle bekymre os om noget som helst.

Jeg kan varmt anbefale at tage børnene med til Nepal og jeg kan i dén grad anbefale My Everest Trip.

Olivia Norway

EBC- Helt fantastisk!

Jeg vil gjerne sige takk til My Everest Trip for denne fantastiske turen til Everest base camp.  

Fra start til slutt oplevde vi bare hyggelige folk og top service. Både før og under turen fik vi al den informasjon vi trengte og alle vore spøgsmål blev besvart kjapt og præsist. 

Himalaya er helt fantastisk, jeg er vant med fjeld hjemme i Norge, men plutselig blir Glittertind bare en liten hump på veien sammenlignt med dette.  Trekket var superfint tilrettelagt med passe timer til dagens rute, tid til pause og dage til avklimatisering. Alle klarte sig gjennem uten sykdom nettop fordi vores guide var veldig påpasselig med hvordan vi spiste og drakk, at vi fik passe med pauser og søvn og gik i passe tempo.

Både vores guide og portere var kjempe koselige folk, porterene var ikke så flinke i engelsk, men vores guide lærte os et par nepalesiske ord så vi kunne sige takk og andre små ord og ellers oversatte han bare.

Alle gjorde en kjempe bra job og vi hadde så mye moro hver dag, selv på dagen hvor vi skulle fly tilbake til Kathmandu og ikke kunne komme tilbake på grunn av dårligt vejr fikset de alting på en blund.

Vi vil så gjerne tilbake til Nepal igjen om et par år og så kontakter vi helt sikkert My Everest Trip igjen og da må vi se hvilket eventyr vi drar på, vi vet vi kan stole på de

Tusinn using takk

Martin Krüger Denmark

Fedt trek

Manaslu Larkya Pass trek er det fedeste eventyr. Mine venner og jeg blev virkelig udfordret på udholdenhed og styrke. Manegeren af bureauet (Puru) tog imod os i lufthavnen og kørte os til vores hotel og gav os en kort briefing om hvad der skulle ske de næste par dage. På dag to var der sightseeing i Kathmandu og briefing på kontoret.  Puru ville selv tage med som guide på trekket. 

Dag tre gik med transport til udgangspunktet for trekket og på dag 4 var vi i gang. Puru er en fin fyr og en dygtig guide. Han tager sit job meget alvorligt og har styr på alt, men har masser af overskud til at fortælle om omgivelserne og spørge ind til sine gæster. Når vi kæmpede lidt med kræfterne havde han altid en opmuntrende bemærkning eller en god historie der kunne få os til at grine lidt af os selv og hinanden, for selv om trekket er ret krævende er det også noget af det fedeste jeg nogensinde har oplevet. For det første er Himalaya og Nepal en fantastisk oplevelse, for det andet var der bare en god stemning på hele turen og det skyldtes især den måde det hele var tilrettelagt på. Puru og portere kløede på med et humør der var enormt smittende og pludselig havde vi bare gået i 11 dage og turen var slut. 

Jeg vil enormt gerne på Trek med My Everest Trip igen og til andre der overvejer det samme vil jeg bare sige ”go for it” og tag kontakt med bureauet her, for de leverer bare varen! Tak fra os, Namaste og god vind fremover til alle fyrene p My Everest trip.

Martina Gehrmann Germany

Best Trip Forever in My Life

It has been my dream to visit mustang for the past few years, which is half of my life; when we were in Kathmandu, we met our trekking company (My Everest Trip) though, and we Book was lucky cause when we met puru manager of My Everest Trip, He is asking few questions for us, and we feel safer. We felt happier about how he worked through the rest of the trip while staying on schedule. He managed to get the flight to Jomsom, and we drove to kagbeni cause from Jomsom to kagebeni, there is traffic also. We started our trek with puru, the best guide ever, not the only manager; when he began briefing all the people looking for us and hearing about how he worked then, we felt more satisfied than we expected. Still, he also ensured we always had enough to eat and drink and cared for everything we needed support from him. We always got good and felt more comfortable in rooms, which was essential to me as a female traveller.

We took a great route to Lo Manthang cause he knew very well which path was best. I got an old monastery and a good landscape with the mountain route; some people don’t know how to go this way, and one of the highlights of my trip was horseback riding in Lo Manthang. We have been to so many places in woman’s thang. There are so many friendly day trips. After this, we went back to Jomsom and took a flight back to Kathmandu; when we got back to Kathmandu, we decided next year we go to Dolpo, and we already told him we needed you to guide us on this trip also; we recommended to him and his company (My Everest Trip ) forever when we meet our friend and family who want to visit Nepal and make adventure trip.


Anne Marie Netherland

Highly recommended!!

Me and my friends completed Everest Base Camp Trek with Krishna. I could not recommend this company enough!!!! Firstly, puru was so helpful and answered many of our questions before we got to Nepal including organizing a customized itinerary. He then personally picked us up from the airport and settled us into a lovely hotel! The next day we met our guide Krishna who took us to fly into Lukla. This was no problem at all. My Everest Trip had all these things before we arrived, so it was much easier for us. Krishna was extremely knowledgeable throughout the entire trek.

He knew so much about history, geology, geography, and everything. He was also very switched on in assessing my friends when we started to get slight altitude sickness and changed the itinerary slightly to allow for extra acclimatization. Krishna has done the hike over 50 times. Hence, he knew the trek back to the front and the owners of the tea houses. He always ensured our food was cooked perfectly and our tea boiled sufficiently. When my friends and I suffered altitude sicknesses he also carried our bag to alleviate the weight. We felt completely comfortable. so I have kept in regular contact throughout our time in Nepal ensuring that they are still of assistance if we need more recommendations or assistance. You will have a fantastic time in Nepal with My Everest Trip and truly feel well looked after!

Do yourself a favour and book with My Everest Trip !! I will be recommending it to all my friends and family.

Alexandra Lichfield, United Kingdom

A Wonderful Experience in Nepal

Lars Frandsen Denmark

Top Agency in Nepal

My Everest trip is a top professional and highly valued Trekking agency. Due to my work as a teacher on a Danish “Højskole”, I go every second year to Nepal for trekking. I started to work with My Everest Trip 6 years ago and I appreciate the hard work they put into making our stay in Nepal pleasant.

I did the Annapurna Base Camp trek twice with different groups of students both times with the guide Yam, who always does a great job connecting with the young people, leading the way, and spreading happiness when they struggle on the trails.

Many years of experience and good management place this agency among the top trekking agencies in Nepal and I will continue working with this agency in the years to come. 

Uli Ernst Germany

Nice Trek in Upper Mustang

This trek offers everything that trekking is about. Challenging trails, sometimes rough weather conditions, spectacular views, and all the cultural treasures you meet along the route.

We were a group of four accompanied by our guide Ratna and two porters. I am grateful for the way the agency handled this trek. I do not doubt that they hire only the best people. As first-time visitors to Nepal, all the staff was accommodating and ensured we had the best trek.

We have been trekking on different continents over the last few years, but the people of Nepal are the friendliest we have ever come across.

We will most likely return and do another trek with y Everest Trip.

Gruden Austria

My 5th trek with My Everest Trip

I first met the people at My Everest Trip in 2009; they deliver every time. My first trek was the classic EBC trek, but I soon developed a taste for trekking in more remote parts of Nepal.  

For the Manaslu trek in 2019, I was teamed up with Ram, a great guy I did previous expeditions with, so I knew I was up for an excellent adventure, and of course, I was not disappointed as he is always a pleasure to be around. Just as I expected, this was another great trek on the long list of trekking offered by My Everest Trip.

Being a repeat guest in Nepal, I know the importance of having a reliable agent you trust entirely. The service offered by the team is flexible if I want to make a few changes, and I’m always looking forward to meeting my Nepali brothers.

I will continue to visit Nepal in the years to come and stay loyal to My Everest Trip as they are always loyal to me.

Thomas Germany

Amazing ABC Trek in Nepal

I highly value the service offered by the staff at My Everest Trip. Friends recommended the agency and the Annapurna Base Camp trek, and I understand why. All members of the team are responsible and polite people. 

I always travel alone to meet new friends, so I specifically asked for a fixed departure where I would be grouped with other people.   

Ratna, an experienced guide in the Annapurna region, led the group. This shows in the way he manages everything. Before starting the trek, any concern I might have had was blown away the minute I met the guide and the porters. I saw how well the manager treated them, and they were pleased and just as excited to go as I was. After a few days, I spent the evenings playing cards with the porters, who were great fun.

The days in these beautiful surroundings passed so quickly, and I was unfortunate when I had to say goodbye to all my new friends.

I hope to return to Nepal one day and meet all my new friends again. 

Kam Chu Singapore

Beautiful Bhutan Tour

Making a two-week road trip to Nepal, I want to highlight the Bhutan tour. Bhutan is a cultural treasure, and My Everest Trip arranged everything beautifully. Everything from the daily sightseeing program to the accommodation and meals, all to my complete satisfaction. I am so happy I included the Bhutan tour in my journey, as this was an exceptional and pleasant experience.
I also went to Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwan, all nicely arranged by My Everest Trip.

You can rely on the service offered by the team of My Everest Trip, and they customized this trip the best way I could wish for. I would gladly book another trip with this company in the future.

Maria Austria

Enchanting Trek in Upper Mustang

I’m very proud of myself for doing this trek. But to be honest, I could not have done this without the tremendous assistance offered to me by the professional team from My Everest Trip.     

This enchanting trek was hard work but monitored by my guide Hari; it was not a problem. The team planned everything the best way, and I enjoyed every moment. Hari was good company, sharing his incredible knowledge about the area and sound advice about how to walk cleverly, choose a good pace and take rests.  

I recommend this trek operated by My Everest Trip, knowing they will get out of their way to keep their clients happy.

Michl Germany

Island Peak Was Super

I want to thank the team at My Everest Trip for managing this trek professionally. This was one of the most exciting treks I have ever done, and I appreciate how the company and the staff offered me good service and high quality in every aspect. 

All the team members are highly qualified and skilled; they are also polite and warm-hearted people who always do an excellent job keeping you happy and comfortable.     

A special greeting to my guide Ram for making this trek memorable. I would love to join him on another adventure someday.

Based on my excellent experience, I would love to recommend My Everest Trip for trekking in Nepal.    

Chris New Zealand

Manaslu What A Nice Trek !!!

Trekking is not just hiking; I want challenging terrain, altitude, and strenuous walks. So when the manager of My Everest Trip presented this trek to me, there was no doubt that I needed to do this.

I was accompanied by a very experienced and vital guide, who also turned out to be a lovely guy, and after a few days, we were good friends. He shared stories about Nepal; I shared stories from other parts of the world I visited.

This is what trekking is about, the solitude and the challenge of being just with the person who shows the way.
This will not be my last visit to Nepal, and I will go on My Everest Trip again.

Cecilia France

4 weeks in Nepal

I had the privilege to spend four weeks in Nepal in the autumn of 2018. I wanted to do a long trek mixed with relaxation and cultural experiences. I aimed to get out of Kathmandu as quickly as possible after my arrival and start the tour. Puru put up a perfect schedule for me.

The day after I arrived in Kathmandu, we took off for Pokhara, and on day 3, my trek started. This was a perfect option for me as I needed peace of mind, and this trek and the staff that followed me did a fantastic job giving me just that.

After the trek, I spend a few days in Pokhara, visiting beautiful sights and enjoying life. Then I went by bus to Chitwan, where Puru had booked a room at a lovely resort and arranged for activities like jungle safari and bird watching.

After some quiet days in Chitwan, I was ready to face Kathmandu and spend a few days here visiting all the must-sees and shopping in Thamel.

Puru is not only an expert in putting up trips but also an expert in reading his clients and what they need. Customizing this journey down to every little detail, like bus tickets, was just what I needed, and I left Nepal feeling like a new person.
I cannot thank Puru and all his employees enough and will return one day.

Sue Australia

Super Annapurna Trek

I understand why this trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal and why My Everest Trip is so highly valued by its clients. I had the pleasure to do this trek with the guide Krishna and he did a fantastic job.

All aspects of the trek were very well taken care of by Puru and I could just enjoy every moment of my walk. If I faced an obstacle on the way, Krishna would help me to overcome it in a nice and polite way. This trek has a long daily walk, but in good company with nice people, it’s not a problem.

I would love to do another trek with all my new friends at My Everest Trip in the future, and I recommend the company to other trekkers, who want good value at a reasonable cost

Maja Holst Denmark

Skønne Langtang

I efteråret 2018 kom min kusine hjem fra en rejse med tasken fuld af bedeflag, billeder og gode fortællinger. Hun havde været i Nepal og på Trek med My Everest Trip. Min interesse var vagt, og i marts 2019 var jeg den der var smuttet. Jeg blev hentet i lufthavnen af Puru og kørt til mit hotel i det pulserende Thamel, hvilket jeg synes var meget betryggende.

Langtang Valley er skøn, sikke en natur, blød, varm, farverig med de voldsomme Himalaya bjerge som en kontrastfuld kulisse omkransende det hele. Jeg blev meget betaget, både af omgivelserne, men også af den lethed der omgav min guide. Hans måde at ordne alting på når vi kom frem til vores overnatning, hans måde at fortælle på mens vi gik, var utrolig behagelig.

Jeg forstår godt at My Everest Trip nyder stor anseelse blandt deres gæster, og som min kusine videregav sin anbefaling til mig, videregiver jeg nu min anbefaling til andre med et stort Namaste!

Stefania Italy

Everest – A dream come through

Doing this trek in the spring of 2019 was a dream come through. Dreaming about this for years, building high
expectations and Puru did not let me down. First of all the trek itself is nice, but the kind and well-prepared staff made this an even bigger experience. Always helpful and making sure I was safe and comfortable.

Considering everything is included, except for a few personal things, this is also a very reasonable price.
Nepal has won my heart and I definitely want to come back for another visit someday and do another adventure with the people from My Everest Trip.

Maiken Vestergaard Denmark

Veltilrettelagt Trek til Cho La Pass

Det var en sand fornøjelse at gennemføre dette utroligt veltilrettelagte trek. Kunsten er jo netop at man ikke føler man følger et strengt program og det mestrede vores guide til fulde.

Trekket er en skøn blanding ag natur, kultur og traditioner og det oplagte valg hvis man ønsker at udfordre sig selv og alligevel have overskud til at nyde de smukke omgivelser.

De daglige ruter var af passende længde og jeg havde god tid til at restituere til næste dags udfordringer, idet jeg hverken skulle spekulere over overnatninger eller måltider.

Jeg er utrolig glad for at jeg valgte My Everest Trip for sjældent har jeg mødt så søde og professionelle folk, der med den største lethed og selvfølgelighed sætter deres gæster i højsædet. Jeg følte mig tryg og i gode hænder under hele mit ophold.

Jeg giver drengene på My Everest Trip fem stjerner og anbefaler dem gerne til alle der rejser i Nepal

Sandra Germany

Adventurous Everest Trekking in Nepal

Puru promised me that this extended Everest Base Camp Trek was a good choice as I sought a unique adventure in the Everest region. Yes, it sure was! This long trek was a great adventure, accompanied by the competent staff Puru sent with me; this was a pleasure. Not only was this tour a beautiful walk, I learned so much about the culture and traditions of this magnificent part of Nepal. The flight to Lukla was a thrill, and visiting Namche Bazaar was fun, but nothing compares to the views of the Himalayas. I could easily have spent another week here.   

I send special gratitude to Puru and his staff. I’m sure the trip would not have been the same without these guys. High level of safety and adds tremendous fun. I will never forget this trip as something extraordinary. I am starting as a client/staff and ending up as a friend.

Thank you so much; I hope we will meet again.   

Søren Tordrup Larsen Denmark

Fantastisk service fra My Everest Trip

Jeg vil gerne takke Puru for en helt fantastisk service i forbindelse med min rejse til Nepal og mit trek til Everest Base Camp. Dagen efter jeg ankom til Kathmandu var jeg så uheldig er pådrage mig et maveonde der gjorde det svært for mig at gennemføre trekket. Puru sørgede for at jeg kom på hospitalet og assisterede mig med at kommunikere med lægen. Uden at kny skubbede han turen et par dage så jeg kunne nå at blive rask. Han tilbød mig også et andet trek hvis jeg hellere ville have et kortere, men da jeg havde en uge at give af efter trekket var det ikke et problem. 

Efter et par dage havde jeg det bedre og kunne tage af sted. Jeg fik en super venlig guide, Yam, som under hele trekket sikrede sig at jeg havde det godt og ikke blev syg igen, han var meget påpasselig med hvad jeg spiste og sørgede for at jeg fik de pauser jeg havde brug for.

Jeg er rigtig glad for at jeg valgte at gennemføre trekket som planlagt, også selvom det betød at jeg havde færre dage i Kathmandu efterfølgende. Jeg har sjældent oplevet så storslået natur og så venlige mennesker overalt hvor vi kom frem. EBC trekket er virkelig anbefalelsesværdigt for alle der elsker at vandre i bjergene.

Jeg har aldrig tidligere oplevet så høj grad af service og omsorg som jeg oplevede med Puru og hans personale hos My Everest Trip og jeg tager virkelig hatten af for at der stadig findes den slags helt specielle mennesker.

Tusind tak for en helt fantastisk oplevelse, jeg kan slet ikke anbefale jer nok! 

Marney UK

Your Trekking Partner in Nepal

I did previous the Annapurna Base Camp with My Everest Trip and was impressed by the way they manage their trek, so I had no doubt when I wanted to do the Everest Base Camp; I wanted to go with this agency again. Puru is very easy going and he always hires the best people and actually I was lucky to go with Ratna again. I’m sure the guides and the porters did this trek so many times, but it doesn’t become routine to them when it comes to how to treat their clients. It’s a nice safety precaution they know the trails so well, but they have the greatest respect for the clients who experience everything for the first time. I don’t think Ratna ever gets tired of telling his stories and it is obvious he holds great love for his country and the mountains. 

You can always be sure Puru does everything in his power to give you the best trek possible. I think actually the only thing he can’t provide for is nice weather! Before my trek, he assisted me in buying some equipment and made sure I get a good bargain.

I would never go to another company,  My Everest Trip is my only trekking partner in Nepal.

Alf Kirkeby Hansen Denmark

Eventyrlig Klatring i Himalaya

Det har i mange år været en drøm for mig at vandre til Everest Base Camp og opleve storheden af Himalaya bjergene. En af mine venner har tidligere rejst i Nepal og havde brugt My Everest Trip som tur operatør og havde kun godt at sige om dem. Jeg kunne se at bureaet havde eksisteret i mange år og at ejeren Puru selv havde arbejdet både som porter og som guide, så jeg følte mig ganske tryg ved at kontakte ham.  

Jeg kan godt lide at udfordre mig selv, så en kombination af trek og is klatring tiltalte mig meget. Det er meget tydeligt at her slækker man aldrig på sikkerheden for mens jeg på trekket fulgtes med en almindelig guide, var der i forbindelse med klatringen tilknyttet en Sherpa med speciale i is klatring. Derfor var alle sikkerhedsforanstaltninger i orden.

Himalaya er jo i sig selv en fantastisk oplevelse, men der kan hurtigt gå noget galt og derfor er det godt at vide at man altid er omgivet af mennesker, der med stor professionalisme guider én så trekket bliver den bedste oplevelse.

Jeg kan rigtig godt lide den rolige og afbalancerede tilgang det Nepalesiske folk har til tingene, små forhindringer bliver stille og roligt ryddet af vejen så man bare skal koncentrere sig om at nyde turen.

Jeg har kun godt at sige om selve trekket og hele den måde det var tilrettelagt på, alting klappede som det skulle og jeg har fået en oplevelse for livet.

Derfor kan jeg også med god samvittighed give My Everest Trip mine bedste anbefalinger. 

Alexander Germany

Island Peak

This incredible trek spiced up with peak climbing was a true adventure. Though some days were strenuous and challenging, the staff did a fantastic job guiding us through and keeping the good spirit. I was impressed by our climbing leader’s professionalism, taking every precaution to ensure nobody was unsafe. Trekking with these guys was a pleasure; they were always kind and service-minded.  

Trekking through different landscapes, witnessing the culture, meeting so many friendly people, and everything so well organized made this a memorable trek. The trek contains enough days to put acclimatization days when needed, which was one of the reasons I chose My Everest Trip to operate this trek. 

I would not hesitate to contact My Everest Trip again to operate another trek in the future. The excellent service provided by Puru and his staff fully lived up to all my expectations, and I give my warmest recommendations for this agency.  

Emily Ronson UK

Tilicho Lake Trek

My Everest Trip was recommended to me by distant relatives and searching the website I saw so many treks to choose from. Puru was of great assistance in helping me to choose a trek suitable for me and my friends. We are experienced trekkers but had never been to Nepal, so this was the obvious choice.  

After a long flight to Kathmandu, it was nice to be met by a friendly staff member at the airport and driven to our hotel.  I also appreciate that day two was planned with sightseeing and preparation for the trek as it gave us time to recover from our flight and get a sense of the country and it was nice to meet our guide, Yam, for a briefing before we set off the next morning.

The Tilicho Lake trek is a great experience and being surrounded by friendly people made this the best trek I ever did and makes me regret I did not go to Nepal earlier. Yam is a super guide and he added so much to our days in the Himalayas, this would not have been the same without him. He made sure all the safety precautions were taken so everybody was safe always.  Since everything was arranged in advance we did not have to worry about where to sleep or our meals and we could just enjoy our trek in the magnificent Annapurna region. 

As soon as I get the chance I will return to Nepal for another adventure and I will definitely book with Puru again.

Bianna Denmark

Bhutan Tour – Very nice

My Everest Trip operates the Bhutan Tour. We have only good things to say about the service, the prearranged sightseeing, the hotel, and the food and guide. 

From start to end, we met only friendly and professional staff in Nepal and Bhutan, and the trip was even better than we expected.

I thank all the staff and would not hesitate to book another tour with My Everest Trip in the future.  

Annette Denmark

Great service with My Everest Trip

Good itinerary, skilled staff, reasonable price, and excellent service provided by My Everest Trip and the manager Puru added so much to this Trek.

The safety and well-being of the clients are a top priority. During the whole Trek, our guide and porters showed respect and kindness.

The daily walks between 4 and 6 hours leave you time to admire the gorgeous surroundings. The Mardi Himal trek sure is excellent, and since we did this Trek in the spring, the blooming rhododendrons were at their peak. Being in the Himalayas region is always a pleasure, and being with good people makes it more joyful.

I appreciate everything My Everest Trip did to make this a great trip, and I highly recommend this company.

Angel London

Happy Trek

Thanks to Puru for taking this wonderful trek with my friends and me. We were a group of 8 friends doing this trek. Two of my friends did the Everest Base Camp years back with Puru, so we specifically asked him to guide this trek, and luckily he said yes. Obviously, he knows this region in his own pocket; therefore, it was enjoyable to hear him share his knowledge, always telling stories with love and passion for this region of Nepal and always making sure everybody was safe and happy.

It is true when My Everest Trip says they make their treks trouble-free. The length of the daily walk, the accommodation, and the meals were very well organized. Puru did a splendid job of giving us happy days.

I prefer to do longer treks, so this extended Langtang Valley trek was a good choice for us, with a good mixture of nature and culture. Visiting the Himalayas is a memory for life, and combined with the joyful company of Puru, we could not ask for more.

For all adventure seekers, My Everest Trip is the place to go.

Lesley Australia

Amazing Annapurna Circuit Trek

2019 was the year I decided to visit Nepal and go trekking. I had three weeks, so doing a long trek was a good option. My Everest Trip was recommended to me by friends, and Puru was a great help when I had to choose a tour.  

The Annapurna Circuit trek has it all. The views of the mountains, the highlights of trekking destinations (like Poon Hill), the challenging walk, and, best of all, enough days to get the feeling of being one with nature. 

When you are a first-time trekker, getting good guidance about equipment and what to expect during trekking is essential, and Puru willingly answered all my questions. 

Upon my arrival in Kathmandu, everything was arranged for me nicely. I had agreed that he could group up with other trekkers, which was lovely as they were great companions. Our guide Ratna was always beneficial and a great guy to be around, he knows how to interact with people and give me information, and throughout the whole trekking, I always feel safe and happy.

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is just amazing. Because of the excellent service provided to me by Puru and his staff, I recommend this agency to everybody who wants a trouble-free trip to Nepal.  

Cassandra Canada

3 Night 4 days Bhutan Tour

I feel so privileged to have visited this beautiful country Bhutan, and My Everest Trip made it possible and easy for me to go there. This 3-night 4, days package is filled with culture, history, and a great experience. Since you cannot just go to Bhutan alone, you need a reliable agency to arrange the trip for you, and My Everest Trip did a very good job.

I appreciate this package includes almost everything, this way I don’t have to worry about cost, only for personal shopping and tips, which makes it much easier. I recommend contacting Puru at My Everest Trip and letting him take care of this tour. I will cherish these amazing days in Bhutan in my heart always.        

Deborah Australia

First trek in my Life

Puru recommended this trek to me as I was a first-time trekker and didn’t want to do the long and arduous trek. This was a perfect choice, and Puru arranged everything so I did not have to worry about anything. He provided me with a lovely guide who always had my well-being in mind.

The Mardi Himal is a beautiful trek with gorgeous views and lovely walking trails. My guide was very helpful in taking pictures with my camera and pointed out the good spots for photos. He did this trek many times but did not scatter over it but told me many stories. When we returned to Pokhara after the tour, I wanted an extra day in Pokhara to relax and explore the surroundings. This was no problem, I just contacted Puru, and he made the arrangements quickly.

I will recommend the Mardi Himal trek, but most of all, I will recommend My Everest Trip as they provide top service, makes you feel good taking care of, and all the staff I met were excellent and kind people. I would love to do another trek with you guys again.

Thank you so much.

Robin Australia

Best Trip in My Life

Being an experienced trekker I have been hiking many continents, but the Upper Mustang is so far one of my favorites. Not only because of the immense beauty of this region but also because My Everest trip added so much to the trip. Our Guide Hari and our porters were very nice people to be around making our days joyful, always making sure we were good.

I recommend if you have time to do the long treks to get the best experience and feeling of being part of nature. This trek is very nice balanced as we walk no more than 7 hours per day. This gives you time to enjoy all the magnificent views and be well-rested for the next day. And I must say, the Himalayas and The Upper Mustang region are in a special league.

I will definitely consider traveling to Nepal again, and I will not hesitate to contact Puru for arranging another trek. Hope to see all of you good people at My Everest Trip again.

Andrea United States

Trip to Tibet

Without My Everest Trip, this wonderful Tibet trip would not have been possible. To enter Tibet the trip must be prearranged and you should always be accompanied by a guide. My Everest Trip has many years of experience in arranging Tibet tours which is very important for a trip like this. There are many formalities connected to this tour but Puru takes care of all the permits required and offered me great assistance in order to be well prepared for everything. My guide was a kind spirit as Puru only hires the best people.

This tour was an amazing experience. The roof of the world and the peaks of the Himalayas scattered around make you feel small and insignificant yet connected to the higher powers. The five days drive offers scenic views of great beauty leading to two days of sightseeing in Lhasa. Just magnificent.

Choosing a reliable operator for this kind of tour is of paramount importance, therefore I would at all-time recommend My Everest Trip. They offer a great experience and the best service you could wish for, always make you feel special. I would not hesitate for booking a tour in the future with Puru and his team at My Everest Trip.

Thank You!

Berti Hasler Austria

EBC Trek With My Everest Trip

I was fortunate to find My Everest Trip when searching the internet for an EBC trek. I looked for a company with three criteria: price, safety, and service. Reading the itinerary for EBC from My Everest Trip, I could see they put the acclimatization days necessary, the hours of daily walking are reasonable, and there are no hidden costs.     

Puru took the time to guide this trek himself and is a charming person to be around. Due to his many years of experience, he has excellent knowledge about his Mountains and his clients; he is patient and always polite, and he knows exactly when to step in with help and good advice and when to leave you in peace. 

I understand why the EBC is a popular trekking destination, and arriving at your starting point by plane adds so much value to the experience. Walking with a good guide who shares his knowledge and takes his time to answer questions is a blessing.

I have only good things to say about how My Everest Trip planned this trek. Transport, accommodation, food, guiding … everything is spot on and trouble-free. The best service I could wish for, and I could not feel safer. 

I give my best recommendation for Puru and My Everest Trip, and if I return to Nepal, I will choose this company again.

My best wishes for all good things in the years to come. 

Teresa Australia

My Everest Trip did amazing job

I recently did the Upper Mustang Trek with a group of friends. This was such a great adventure I feel the urge to write a good review for other adventurous people to benefit from

When you spend your hard-earned money, you want value for it, and My Everest Trip (MET) lived up to all my expectations and beyond. MET was recommended to me by my family. My first contact with the company occurred several months before our planned trip. If you are inexperienced in trekking, you have so many questions about equipment, guides, porters, how challenging the trek is, etc. Corresponding with Puru made me relax more and more as he responded very quickly to all my emails. I soon realized I had nothing to worry about. He only works with certified guides, and everybody who works for him is ensured. He also gave good advice on equipment, what you should bring from home and what you can buy cheaper in Nepal. His directions about how to get smoothly through all the airport procedures also came in handy.

Upon arrival In Kathmandu, Puru picked us up at the airport and took us to our hotel in Thamel. The next day we met Hari, our guide, and we had all the final details about the trek and how to pack our backpack and day pack.

Upper Mustang was great. MET are so well organized. Hari and the friendly porters were great company, Hari in particular always making sure we were OK and sharing his broad knowledge about the region. The porters, though carrying heavy weight, were always friendly and smiling. When you do strenuous walking, it’s nice to be surrounded by good people to support and cheer you up, knowing that every night you have suitable accommodation and good healthy food that gives you the strength to carry on.

The Upper Mustang Trek is loaded with cultural treasures and the indescribable beauty of nature; having an experienced guide is essential, especially when he, like Hari, shares all his knowledge willingly and with great pleasure and pride.

I understand why MET has such loyal clients. They are true to Nepalese tradition and have a great network of skilled people, but they (very importantly) understand that their clients come from all parts of the world with different backgrounds and expectations. All the team members are humble and polite yet proud of what they do. Trekking runs in their blood, and this is precisely what you need to be a guest here.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Puru and MET; my friends and I will treasure this trek for the rest of our lives.

And I give My Everest Trip the highest recommendation possible…. Namaste


Jon Gruden United States

Best Guide and Best Company

Being a second-time visitor to Nepal, I know where to go when I want to go trekking. A few years back, I did the Annapurna circuit trek; this year, I had less time, so Puru suggested The Everest Short Trek, which was a good option for me as I wanted to see the Everest region. Puru gave me Yam as a guide; I trekked with him last time. Also, he is very professional, and we connected well, so I was thrilled that we could do another trek together.

At My Everest Trip, things happen in the blink of an eye, every request you might have is taken care of, and you don’t have to worry about the staff not being insured or any other issues. The treks are planned very carefully with the acclimatization days necessary to avoid altitude sickness, and there is no rushing through.

Everest Short Trek was magnificent. It was great fun to visit Namche Bazaar, which is so vivid and with many happy people preparing for adventures. I also enjoyed seeing the Tengboche Monastery, but the highlight was the views of the world’s most beautiful mountains. I almost feel sad I did not have more time because I wanted to explore this region.

I hope I find the opportunity to return to Nepal for the third time in a few years. And Idon’tt has to look for the company because I know exactly where to find Puru and his team in his small orange office with a big smile on his face when you enter the door.

Thank you, Puru and Yam, for another great adventure.

pav Thailand

Everest Base Camp Trek 14 days

It is my first time trekking in Nepal. And my dream was the Everest base camp trek. I am looking for so many trekking agencies asking some questions about this trip but Puru always gives me the best answer and he knows each and every question answer, so I chose his company and he sent guide Ratna, he was very helpful and developed a good itinerary for us.

We enjoyed the daily hikes, mountain views, and accommodation very much and Ratna was incredibly helpful and jovial throughout the trip. Puru was there for us when we had to cut our trip short and even met us at the hospital to ensure that our friend was OK and even helped us with the change in plans, which was truly very thoughtful and helpful. I will highly recommend this company and Ratna.

Antonio Italy

Amazing Trip Amazing Guide

I went to Nepal for ten days in March and am a beginner at trekking. Luckily, I met Puru (MyEverestTrip), who suggested Everest Short Trek.

I love this trek. In a short time, I saw Mt. Everest and many other mountains with culture and exciting flight to Lukla; in the future, I would love to again this trek and touch my soul on Everest.

If anyone wants to trek, I will highly recommend this trek and this company ( www.myeveresttrip.com ). They are a really the best and most knowledgeable person.

Geir Norway

Trekking with kids

We are a Norwegian family with 2 boys aged 8 and 10. We have been walking the mountains in Norway and Austria since the boys were very small. This year we wanted to do something very special with the kids.

We were curious about Nepal and started our research about the country. We soon realized there were so many companies to choose from. When traveling with kids you are extra cautious, and really want to make the right decision when choosing a company. For many days we read “about us” articles from many companies, and then we come across My Everest Trip. The company had existed for many years, the manager was not just a person in a suit doing business he was also a very experienced guide and they had very good reviews. I send him an email and the next morning I woke up the already responded.

We decided to do the Ghorepani Poon Hill, this is a very popular trek but suitable for kids and it gave us the opportunity the see Pokhara also and try paragliding.

Poon Hill was a good choice. Puru gave us very good guides and porters. The trek was a good mix of beautiful nature and cultural experience. The kids were so happy, that they quickly had a good connection with the porters, developing their own way of communication. The sunrise from Poon Hill was spectacular on a clear morning. The landscapes offer so much beauty, from the softness of the rhododendron forests to the roughness of the snow-covered mountains. It was fun to visit the Gurung cultural museum, as we try to teach our kids that people live in many different ways.
Doing this trek was very good family time and the service was great. Because we did not have to worry about anything we could just enjoy every minute of our journey.
We would like to thank Puru and his great team for a fantastic vacation in Nepal and we highly recommend My Everest Trip.

Best regards from Geir

Peter Holland

I challenged my Buddies

I challenged my two buddies to do this trek with me. We are so competitive and always come up with something we must do.

We were well prepared when we arrived in Nepal because we had a long correspondence with Puru, who gave us good advice. Meeting him and our guide in his office for the last details was like meeting a friend. We were grouped up with two guys from Switzerland, and that was cool; always lovely to meet new friends.

For this trek, you must be in good shape. We are young, muscular guys, but we struggle occasionally. Some of the terrains we walked were rough, and sometimes we didn’t talk much, but the porters were singing! These guys are so strong, even though they look small.

This trek takes almost two weeks, and because of the big difference in altitude (710 m to 5160m), you walk through different climate zones; this adds so much to the experience of seeing how the landscape changes from the lower parts to the icy trails to Larkya La Pass. Some days we walked for only 4-5 hours, but the day we walked to Larkya La Pass was almost 9 hours, but reaching the top gave a big reward. Our guide pointed out prominent peaks like Manaslu, Annapurna II, and Kang Guru. Our guide was great; he knew so many things and had excellent knowledge about the culture, villages, and gompas. Because this is a challenging trek in the remote part, it’s not as crowded, and you feel part of the greater universe.

So three guys from Holland asked for a challenge, and we got exactly what we asked for, thanks to Puru and his professional team. On top of this, we have two new friends in Switzerland and several new friends in Nepal.

Last, I recommend My Everest Trip to everybody who wants to travel to Nepal. They have many activities, and Puru shows great integrity and insight. I understand why his clients return to him if they revisit  Nepal.

Thomas Australia

EBC … Dream Of my life

Some years ago, I made a plan “what to do before I die”  Mt. Everest was on that list.   A friend of mine had been to Nepal a few years earlier, and he recommended My Everest Trip. The following day I contacted the company and started corresponding with Puru. We wanted to go in October 2018, and Puru gave me good advice on preparing for the trek.

We planned to see all the sights in Kathmandu for three weeks without rushing through it. Puru planned everything and booked a hotel close to the office. This way, it was straightforward for us to go there when we wanted a guide for sightseeing or ask for advice if we wanted to go on our own. He also assisted us in buying some equipment.

The day we flew to Lukla started a bit cloudy, but after 10 minutes, the sky cleared, and we could enjoy the incredible Himalayas…wow. I can’t describe that feeling … just woohoo.

On day 2 of the trek, we reached Namche Bazaar, the gateway to Everest, and what a place! So vibrant. We were happy the next day was acclimatization day, so we had time to explore the surroundings. The following days Tengboche and Dingboche. Ratna always takes care of us, making sure we walk good pace and takes time to enjoy the views and take pictures. This fantastic landscape, the snow-covered peaks, the prayer flags, the suspension bridges (even my girlfriend developed a love for them), and the day arrived when we reached the Everest Base Camp. I was blown away. The Queen of my life standing there with the king of the mountains behind her. So I did something I had not prepared for. I picked a small rock from the ground, went down on my knee, and asked her to marry me. Luckily Ratna was quick to capture this special moment on camera. And (lucky me) she said yes!

This trek was fantastic in all aspects. My Everest Trip did an excellent job. They know the importance of safety and do not rush through, leaving out acclimatization days to make a good profit or cut any corners short. All the staff is polite and kind and speak good English. When we returned to Kathmandu, Puru took us for dinner at a lovely restaurant to ”celebrate Happy Trek”, as he put it. He even suggested we do our honeymoon in Nepal … and guess what … that’s precisely what we plan to do!!!

Julie Australia

Happy Trekking in Nepal

We were three girls taking a year off before going to university. We travelled to Asia, and in April 2019, we had planned for Nepal. We were preparing for Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Base Camp but did not find a company before we left home, thought we would plan along the way. In Sri Lanka, we met a guy just coming from Nepal, and he said we should do the Langtang Valley Trek with My Everest Trip because he just did, and that was amazing. We contacted My Everest Trip, and they responded very quickly; everything was settled at a very reasonable price in just two days.

Included in the trek were airport pickup and overnight in the hotel. After a somewhat challenging flight, we were so happy we bought a package, to be met by a friendly face in the airport and just taken to the hotel to rest. We quickly understood why the guy we met in Sri Lanka recommended this company, meeting the manager, Puru, who told us all about the trek and what to expect and met our guide.

We do not regret changing to Langtang Valley. The landscapes we walked through were beautiful: the clear rivers, waterfalls, Mountains, blooming rhododendron forests, small villages, gompas, prayer flags, and cute yaks. We visited Buddhist monasteries, saw a lot of Tibetan cultures, and met many lovely people.

Our guide was the sweetest guy and very professional in handling his job. All we had to do was walk and enjoy ourselves. One day one of my friends was not feeling so good, and the guide took her backpack to ease her walk.

One of the trek’s highlights was the sunrise we watched from Tserko Ri on our rest day. Just sit and manage how the colours reflected on the mountains change as the sun rises and fills you with peace. Each day had something new to offer; no matter where you turn your eyes, you see something beautiful. The struggle you meet walking uphill vanishes the moment you reach the top. All the meals were included, so we did not have to think about that. Everything was just so easy and enjoyable.

These were indeed happy days.

Tiago Portugal

Great Experience in Langtang Trek

I had a fantastic experience with My Everest Trip since the first time I talked with mr Puru; he takes care of everything for my trekking and is super friendly and well organized. I joined a group and was relaxed and super happy about that experience.

I will surereturnack again next year to do another trekking with My Everest Trip.

Christina Spain

Top Trek

This is a trek that should be on everybody’s to-do list. I did this trek with sine friends, Before, during, and after The trek, The team at My Everest Trip did a fantastic job making this an unforgettable trip. The trek is a bit hard but Our guide always makes it The Best way for us.

I highly recommend this Company and will Absolutely to here again if I come back to Nepal In The future
Thank you everybody at My Everest Trip. Hope we meet again.


Peik hansen Denmark

We Have Best Trek Ever

I went on a trek with my mom and some of our friends In Langtang. We have been to Nepal several times; this was the best trip ever. Next time we go, we will choose My Everest Trip again.

Thank you, Puru, for a great time and new friendship.
Best regards, and see you again

Katrine Copenhagen, Denmark

Best Trek Ever My Life

I had a wonderful time in Nepal and trekked in the mountains on My Everest Trip. Everything worked perfectly for the nine days Poon hill trip, and the price was excellent.

Alondra Mexico

Poonhill Ghorepani trek

Doing a trek in Nepal has been one of the best experiences in my life. And I couldn’t choose a better agency than My Everest Trip. I don’t say this just because Puru and Ratna are really professionals, but also because they are very kind and generous people. I was very fortunate to have both of them as guides on two different trips and I could notice that both share that same philosophy of teaching you how to walk the road safely, quietly, and happy. They are very patient and always try to take care of you.

Puru is the owner, he has vast experience and he knows very well the treks and tours offered, in addition, he is always open to making the adjustments you need and takes care of you as much as possible. And all his team participates in this style. For my next treks, I will not hesitate to hire their services.

Abidance California

Awesome Langtang Trek

I took a 10-day trek through the Langtang Valley with guide Ratna. It was a challenging but beautiful and fulfilling experience. I felt I was in good hands the whole time.

vivek Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Amazing Guide for an Unforgettable Trek

Puru guided my sister and me on a three-day trek to Poon Hill on the Annapurna Range. I trek a lot, and this was hands down the best trekking experience of my life. We walked through incredible rain forests and hillside Buddhist temples in gorgeous villages accessible only by foot and reached Poon Hill summit for a stunning view of the Himalayas.

We met with some other travellers along the way and became lifelong friends. Puru is an incredible guy who knows every inch of those trials, a thoughtful, well-mannered, and genuine person you can easily trust. He’s also fun and can show you a good time, which matters on those long trails. He even helped me get over my fear of leeches! We remain close friends to this day.


Sara Italy

Best Trekking Guide in Nepal

Best trip in Nepal. Puru is the best guide you could wish for. I went to Nepal alone for a trekking trip and to Anapurna with Puru. I was a little scared about the trip, but when I knew Puru everything relaxed.
The best trekking with the best guide.
It is recommended!

Yoshua United States

Excellent guide! Once in a lifetime opportunity !

My Everest Trip and Ratna made my experience in Nepal incredible. The service, attention to detail, and knowledge Ratna brought made this an extraordinary trip.

I was hesitant and nervous about undertaking such an arduous trek–to Everest Base Camp–but with the proper preparation and support and Ratna’s smile, we all had a blast.
Thank you, Ratna!

Sophie B Bristol United Kingdom

Most incredible experience imaginable!

I went on a week-long trek in the Langtang region of Nepal with Ratna as my trekking guide. Throughout the week, Ratna was kind, with a fab sense of humour, encouraging when I was finding the walking hard, and always knew what he was doing, with a solution for every hurdle. By the end of the week, we were great friends! Being confident in our guide meant we could all relax and enjoy the trek, never worrying about anything and having much fun.

With Ratna’s support, we reached our final peak despite my fear of being unable to make it that far, and to this day, it is one of my proudest achievements. I would make this trip again in a heartbeat and recommend it to all!


Opus Terra Sherbrooke Canada

Professional and friendly service

Used their services with their guide Ratna. It is a very smart guy who knows where to go and how to get there and get you the best rooms and meals 🙂 We have been trekking for 30 days from Lukla to Chukunk then to Everest base camp with a hike to Kalapattar. Next, we hike Chola Pass toward Gokyo, and after it was Renjo La Pass to loop back to Namche Bazaar. Highly recommended!

Mark London, United Kingdom

Very good experience!!!

I did a trek with My Everest Trip and Puru Thapaliya, who’s a very nice guy and super helpful. I did a three weeks trek and for the Manaslu trek. the whole trek was very well organized and the guide very good…..but the scenery along the way was breathtaking!
Thanks a lot!

Cristiano Italy

Poon Hill – Ghorepani trek with a very nice and professional guide

For us ( 3 people, of who 1 couple) it’s been very nice trekking, which has fit our expectations and needs.
The guide, Ishwor, Was special. Many thanks to him and to Puru for the very nice organization. Just one little suggestion to improve the journey, it is possible to take a jeep from Pokhara to the trekking start point (and vice versa) it could be better for the state of the road, also if are needed some dollars more.

Thanks again and I will highly recommend this company and guide to ishower.


Fernando Italy


It was my first trekking tour experience and even if at the beginning of the first day it seemed to be a mission impossible for me, thanks to our special guide Ishwor, everything went great!!!

Ishwor has a big experience in Poon Hill Trekking and he’s a really kind and professional guy; he takes care of us for every request.

Luya Georgia

NEPAL: Never Ending Peace And Love

Nepal is a great place to visit at least once in a lifetime!
Most people there are friendly, kind and helpful. The terrain differs from the Southern National Forest of Chitwan National Park to the valley and river from Chitwan to Pokhara and, of course, to the mountain ranges in the North. And so is the diversity of the weather in the mountain area; it could be bright & sunny in the morning, turning into overcast, dark clouds, rain, heavy rain, and then a hail storm in the mountains. We were blessed to only have a relatively light and short taste of hail storms in 2 of the late afternoons. This is also exciting to experience quite the extremes within the same day.
We also love seeing the different trees, flowers, insects, animals, kids, and rock sediments…Besides enjoying nature, we also visited several World Heritage Sites and were even in time to experience the Holi Festival. There were also opportunities to visit orphanages and meet exciting people worldwide.
We were grateful to have excellent guides arranged for our journeys. We had a young but knowledgeable and wise tour guide in Chitwan to show us around patiently and take us bird watching early in the morning. Our trekking guide, Mr Puru Thapaliya, was also an excellent and experienced trekker; he was kind enough to cook for us lest we starve. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to reach Poonhill.
For one of a kind experience, thanks again!

Juan Chile

Best Experience in My Life

My brother and I came to Nepal to do the Everest Base Camp Trek and were fortunate to do it with these guys! They took care of all our needs, and Yam (our tour guide) was always ready to help us with a big smile. He made our experience of trekking the nicest ever.

Thanks a lot, My Everest Trip, for making our trip so neat! I recommend this guy if you think of trekking in Nepal; they will not disappoint you!!

Thanks, Puru, for the experience you gave my brother and my experience; if we come back to Nepal, we will contact you again.

Top 5 Best Treks in Nepal
Bart Dominicus Belgium

A Trek to Remember

Excellent Facilitation of a short Himalayan Trek. I’m a regular visitor to Nepal and have been so since the early eighties (of the past century). My visits to Nepal are predominantly centred around work or conducting professional studies. I continue such visits into the present. In my early years in Nepal, I lived in the Western (Karnali-Beri) Region and was based in the Jumla district. Subsequently, I stayed in Kathmandu, where I travelled extensively. My work, both in and outside Nepal, is centred around agriculture, forestry, and rural development, with a particular interest in nature conservation, non-timber-forest products, and medicinal plants. The Himalayan region is well known for the latter. My most recent visit to Nepal was in November 2017. This visit combined professional activities, meeting Nepali friends, and a short Himalayan trek. While in Kathmandu, I looked for someone or an agency to facilitate the required trekking permits, road transport, and flight arrangements. I relied for these services on Mr Puru Thapaliya of My Everest Trip after meeting him in his Thamel – Chhetrapati office. Initially, Puru assisted me with the international shipment of goods. The small size of the company office believes in the extent of services it provides and the high level of efficiency with which it does so.

I believe many positive company characteristics are thanks to Puru Thapaliya himself. He started as a porter in his native rural area, then quickly became a certified guide, and following this, he started his own business. This means he knows the trekking business in Nepal from the inside out. I learned to know Puru as a dedicated travel agent/service provider who regularly keeps track of you even when you undertake a short, not-too-complicated trek (Jiri – Lukla). It needs no explanation that the preparatory services to arrange this trip were carried out smoothly and at the most reasonable cost. I usually opt for individual or simple guided trips in case remote areas are concerned. In 2017 my available time for logistical preparation and trekking did not allow for more complex trips such as Dolpo, Upper Mustang, or Arun Valley. In Nepal. I favour such trips because of their lower tourism density and high offering of authentic cultural aspects and rich natural history and scenery. During the personal communication I’ve had with Puru, he convinced me that he does not only possess the experience and flexibility to support custom-organized trips. He also has the required local contacts to help with such travel. I strongly recommend the services of “My Everest Trip” and Puru. I will surely avail of these services myself later in 2018, together with a small group of friends.

Spencer Giese Canada

Why we need Guide in Annapurna Base Camp Trek

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends Nepal is an incredible country with many different layers and attractions. It’s no wonder this country that’s tucked away in the mountains attracts so many different kinds of people: hippies in hemp clothing with dreadlocks and ukuleles strapped to their hips, old retirees looking for adventure in their moonlight years, adrenaline junkies looking to challenge their selves and conquer some of the world’s most enticing and deadly peaks. Regardless of what sort of person you are when you arrive here, this place will change you! I’ve heard it being said that you do not go to Nepal for a vacation; you go for an adventure. Any adventurer will tell you that if you’re setting out on an experience that’s going to be physically demanding and where you’ll know it will be pushing you to limits you hadn’t come close to yet, it’s essential to have a plan and understand what you’re getting involved with. That, my dear reader, is where my good friend comes to your rescue. Puru is a guide who I met during my first Nepal trek as we climbed up to Poon Hill and then up to Annapurna Base Camp. He was guiding a middle-aged Chinese woman, and our group of three finished our first day off at their heels, talking about the trek and our hopes for the weather. As the girls, he was very kind and patient with us from the beginning, and I asked him various questions about what we were getting ourselves into. Throughout the next week, our two groups were always around each other. Sometimes we stayed in the same lodges in the same towns; other days, we would catch each other on the trails and stop for water breaks. This was all very friendly and kind; Puru was highly knowledgeable about the mountains and willing to help us with whatever questions we had (while still having the self-confidence to laugh if we were asking stupid,  redundant questions and would tell us so). It wasn’t until the end of our trek that I realized what a fantastic man Puru is, what sets him aside from the several other guides I had already met. When we were all at the top of Annapurna Base Camp, we were caught in a heavy snowstorm with a mean wind. There was a group of us close to 10 people at the top, and we were all outside laughing and screaming into the wind that threatened our descent. I wrote about this situation in one of my previous blogs. Still, essentially Puru had taken me aside and, knowing that I was familiar with copious amounts of snow and being in the mountains, told me that it was up to the two of us to get the rest of the group down safely. The snowstorm had erased the trail we had used the day before, so we would have to create our new path down the mountain through the avalanche zone. Puru fearlessly leads the way through uncharted territory with enough confidence to make the entire group, including myself, feel just as confident as he.

One of our group slipped from the edge of our path and began falling, but  Puru instantly jumped from the ledge and caught her from falling too far down the mountain face, me hot on his heels. We weren’t even part of his group, just a crew of tourists he had taken under his wing to ensure that we would enjoy our time and make it through safely. I contacted Puru once we got back to Kathmandu and asked him for advice on planning my hike up to Everest Base Camp. With a great smile and a cup of tea, he welcomed me into his office in the heart of Kathmandu and helped me plan everything I needed for this next adventure of mine. Puru and his team have trekked through all of the areas in Nepal and are apparent experts. He helped me customize my itinerary and helped arrange everything from the flights to what sort of clothing and snacks we should bring. As if that wasn’t enough, after we had booked flights, he could change our flight dates multiple times for us – free of charge. He even arranged for my friend and me to take a helicopter up into the mountains without additional cost – a scarce thing, I’m told! Puru was not just a man looking to expand his business but genuinely wanted to help you have the best time possible in his beautiful country. His company can help arrange any treks you are interested in doing. He is an excellent guide who can take the fittest of the fit and the frailest up these mountains.

But most importantly, he is a great human with a kind heart. Over the few weeks that Puru and I came to know each other, I’m honoured to be able to call him a brother. If you ever go to Nepal and are yearning for adventure, look no further than Puru at My Everest Trip for all the help you could ever need. Check out his website for information on how to get a hold of him and what services he provides to his family.


Jenny and Kelsey Canada

Professional, friendly and offer great prices!

Our first experience with My Everest Trip was 4 days in Chitwan. Booking with Puru was easy, and he was very flexible with what we wanted from our trip. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we went back to My Everest Trip to book a trek a few weeks later. We did the 5 day Poon Hill trek with Hari and had a great time as he was very helpful. The views were spectacular and we enjoyed our trek very much. We would definitely recommend anyone doing a trek or trip within Nepal to give My Everest Trip a visit as they are professional, friendly, and offer great prices! -Jenny and Kelsey from Canada.

Justin Sudlor Thailand

Million thanks to you

My friend and I had a few days in Nepal, and it was our first time. Then, we walked into My Everest Trip at Thamel, LUCKY ME. It’s the best company .. Puru, a million thanks to you, Chinese in Thailand…


Puru Founder of My Everest Trip
Arian Ireland

A Great Guide

I visited Nepal in March 2012 with my friend Thomas from France. The first person I might be in Nepal was Puru; he Organized transport to get us picked up at the airport at the arrivals hall, which then transported us to the heart of Thamel in Kathmandu.

After this, Puru helped us find accommodation and told us everything we needed to know about Nepal. Puru helped us organize everything we needed for our trip to Nepal, including trekking Permits, reliable porters, good-quality trekking equipment, and trekking route advice. He took care of all transportation, including our flights to Lukla taxis in Kathmandu and good quality bus services to the rest of Nepal.

Puru also helped us with our shipping and cargo needs, as after we trek, we needed to post some equipment home, and Puru found us the best courier service at a very reasonable price. Puru is a lovely man; he has extensive knowledge about Nepal and trekking. In the short time I have known Puru, I can say he is a brilliant, honest, friendly, reliable guide and agent and a friend for life. I would recommend his services to anyone visiting Nepal. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

Luya China

Nepal was amazing and the trip was incredible

I am a solo female trekker, and in 2012. I  did my Annapurna Circuit Trek, Everest Panorama Trek, Langtang Trek, and Kathmandu Valley Trek with Puru and his company, My Everest Trip Travel & Tour Nepal. Nepal was excellent, and the trip was incredible. If you are like me and looking for a reliable company which is trusted to provide personalized service at a reasonable price and long-lasting friendship, this is the place to go!

Jennifer Sweden

Being a great fan of Nepal

Being a great fan of Nepal, I travelled with Puru on the Mount Everest Base camp trek in 2009. It was thoroughly well organized, and Puru was exceptional in his service and always made sure that we were safe, comfortable, and well-motivated (which is sometimes needed!). What I very much appreciated was his style of guidance. I was travelling with my partner, and he respected that we needed our space but was always close by should we need anything.

I can highly recommend Puru to anybody going on a trek in Nepal. Book your flights to Kathmandu, and he will arrange the rest.

Liv Dupont Aalborg, Denmark

Second time …even better !!!

I just went on my second trek with My Everest Trip. This time Langtang Valley with my son and a group of friends. My Everest Trip is still the agency I would recommend for all kinds of activities in Nepal.

We had so much fun, and again everything was so well organized. I’ll be back in October for new adventures.

My blessings to all the staff.

See you again

Namaste from Liv

Andrea S

Good karma

I had the most fantastic & fun time with our guide and porter that Puru gave us. All our needs/requests were answered professionally, making our overall experience memorable. Highly recommend it!

Keithrafael Fairfax, California

Outstanding guide!

Puru was a fantastic guide! Knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. He had many good ideas but was flexible in meeting our needs. He even went above and beyond to arrange additional travel for us. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a guide while trekking.