Kathmandu Valley Trek 3 Days


3 Days



  • Amazing 360 panoramic view of the sunrise from the Nagarkot.
  • Cultural exploration of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur district, including Changunarayan temple, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and many historical sites
  • Delicious and different variety of cuisine in different places with the warm hospitality of the local people
  • Trekking to beautiful routes, including the Chisapani Nagarkot trek route.
  • Stunning views of snow-capped mountains, green hills, and terraced landscapes from the tops of Chisapani and Nagarkot


The Kathmandu Valley trek for 3 days leads you through the wonderful views of Chisapani and Nagarkot. The trek’s main attraction is the stunning view of the Himalayas in the north. You’ll also pass through subalpine forests of pine and oak trees in the Shivapuri National Park.

The Kathmandu Valley trek, 3 days, is an amazing journey for you if you want to immerse yourself in the culture of Kathmandu and have limited time. You can experience stunning mountain views and rural Nepali villages on a short Kathmandu valley trek without going too far from the capital city.

On this Kathmandu trek, you can trek freely without having the problem of altitude sickness, which is a major problem among hikers and trekkers.

What is the Accommodation in Kathmandu Valley Trek 3 Days?

Throughout the trek, you’ll go through several villages and towns where accommodation facilities are available. The accommodation provides you with a comfortable resting place for you.

Tea houses and Lodges

Tea houses and lodges are the most common types of accommodation you’ll find along the Short Kathmandu Valley Trek. You’ll find many tea houses on your trekking route.

Tea houses and lodges provide you with simple and pleasant accommodations for relaxation. Tea houses and lodges usually include dining facilities where you can have simple local to international cuisine.


If you want to immerse yourself in the local culture and people, then the homestay accommodation is for view you. If you choose homestay for accommodation, you’ll be able to stay with the local families, and you’ll live exactly like them and eat whatever they eat. It’s an opportunity to engage in cultural interactions and to have a long-lasting memory.


On your Kathmandu Valley trek for 3 days, you can find non star to star hotel options. on your routes of Nagarkot especially, you can find many comfortable non-start to five-star hotels. so there you will find many comfortable accommodation facilities in the trek duration.

Is there a Permit Required for Kathmandu Valley Trek 3 Days?

You need especially two permits for the Kathmandu Valley trek 3 days short trek. Firstly, you need the Shivapuri National Park permit at the entry point as you’ll go through there. Many trekking routes need a Trekking information management system (TIMS) card, but this trek doesn’t require a TIMS card.

The entrance fee for the Shivapuri national park is Rs.1000 per person for foreign tourists, and if you are from SAARC, it will cost only Rs.600. Children do not require any permits.

Why Choose Kathmandu Valley Short Trek?

Short & Comfortable Route:

The Kathmandu valley trek, 3 days, is a journey in Nepal that provides comfort as well as excitement to those looking to explore the stunning surroundings. The trek’s accessibility and low altitude trek make it suitable for trekkers of different fitness levels, providing a good combination of difficulty and enjoyment.

Due to the trek’s short duration, it is a great option for people with limited time or those who want to train themselves before going on a high-altitude trek, including Mount Everest Base Camp and Mt. Annapurna Base Camp trek.

Spectacular Sunrise View at Chisapani:

The Kathmandu Valley 3 days trek offers an amazing experience with a spectacular sunrise view at Chisapani trek. Chisapani, located in hilly and green environments, remains in the hearts of trekkers even after returning from the trek.

The sunrise and sunset in the Chisapani trek provide the calm, peaceful environment of nature’s beauty in Chisapani village. For the nature lover and those who want a short trek around the Kathmandu Valley, this KathmanduValley short duration trek is for you.

Spectacular Mountain views

The most memorable feature of the treks is the amazing view of Nepal’s beautiful mountains with clear and unobstructed views. With eight different mountain ranges, the view is a memorial to nature’s beauty.

The combination of light and shadow on the snow-capped peaks provides a beauty that will attract you. The trek in the Nagarkot provides a clear view of the snow-capped mountains, which will enhance your hike.

Cultural exploration

The Kathmandu Valley trek 3 days hike, will allow you to explore the traditional Tamang settlement village and their culture. The historic buildings of the village represent the heart and belief of the community, with each house expressing a story formed in history.

The beautiful structures become entrances to the past, providing glimpses of a rich history. The Kathmandu Valley trek, a 3 days journey is more than simply a physical journey; it is a journey through time and history, observing the creativity of culture and architecture.


Day 1

Drive to Sundarijal, Trek to Chisapani ( 2,200Om, 7,216f.) O/N Chisapani

Day 2

Trek to Nagarkot ( 2,175m - 7,134f) O/N in Hotel

Day 3

Trek to Changunarayan and Back to Kathmandu


Day 1

Drive to Sundarijal, Trek to Chisapani ( 2,200Om, 7,216f.) O/N Chisapani

On your first day of the journey, you’ll be driven to Sundarijal by private vehicle. Before reaching Sundarijal, you’ll pass through the beautiful scenic trails, dense forests, and the amazing Sanghu Valley.

After arriving in Sundarijal, your trekking journey will be started; after trekking for 5 to 6 hours from Sundarijal, you’ll reach Chisapani. Chisapani, located at an altitude of 2350m, is your entry point for the Shivapuri national park.

The spectacular national park will allow you to see the different flora and fauna along with Shivapuri Hill. You’ll pass through the Mulkharka of Chisapani, a Tamang village. You’ll stay overnight at a comfortable lodge at Chisapani on your first day hike.

Day 2

Trek to Nagarkot ( 2,175m - 7,134f) O/N in Hotel

The next day you’ll wake up early in the morning, able to see the beautiful sunrise view with a snow-capped mountain of the Himalayan range. After having breakfast, you’ll start your trek towards Nagarkot.

After trekking for some hours, you’ll take a rest at Chauki Bhanjyang and have a delicious lunch with looking at the amazing mountain views, including Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Dhaulagiri.

The Chisapani Nagarkot trek takes 7 to 8 hours altogether to reach. You’ll stay in Nagarkot on the second day of your trek with comfortable accommodation facilities and a dinner of your choice.

Day 3

Trek to Changunarayan and Back to Kathmandu

On your final day of a short trek, early in the morning, you’ll be blessed with the beautiful 360 sunrise view and the stunning eight-mountain range. From Nagarkot, you’ll trek down to the Changu Narayan temple.

Changunarayan temple is the oldest temple which is a UNESCO world heritage site known for its historical and architectural significance. The trek takes 4 to 5 hours to trek Changumarayan temple from Nagarkot.

After visiting the Changunarayan temple, you will return to Kathmandu from your nice trip. You’ll reach Kathmandu from Changunarayan after 1 hour of drive.

What To Expect?

What's included

  • All your Ground Transportation by Private Car from Kathmandu to Sundarijal and from ChanguNarayan Temple to Kathmandu.
  • Professional English Speaking Guide
  • 2 night Accommodation as per the itinerary, One night  Lodge and one night  Hotel
  • All your meals during the trek. ( Breakfast , Lunch , Diner)
  • Hiking  permit of Shivapuri National park.
  • Entry fees for the ChanguNarayan temple

What's not included

  • Hotel and activities in Kathmandu.
  • All your personal Expenses.
  • All your Drinks
  • Bhaktapur Sightseeing if you require. Additional

Offering Group Discounts!

No. of Tourists Price Per Person in USD
1 Paxes $300
2 Paxes $250
2 - 5 Paxes $200


I had been to Kathmandu several times in Nepal but haven't got a chance for a trekking journey and exploration here. The last time I arrive here was with my fiancee and she asked me to explore the Kathmandu Valley so I contact My Everest Trip. We had provided with 3 days of itinerary to explore the Kathmandu valley. Although it was a short trek it was worthy enough. The morning view of Nagarkot, the cultural and historical sites, the Shivapuri national park, and the charming village is still in our heart. The most recommended exploration trek is for those with limited time but who want to explore Kathmandu. 

Andras Barany

I am the kind of introvert person who loves peace and nature when I arrive in Nepal last time I honestly didn't like the crowd of Kathmandu Valley so I decided to go to a peaceful place near but not away from the city facilities. My Everest Trip help me organize my trip according to my choice. The guide was very friendly and helped me with a lot of things. Even though I went on a solo trek I didn’t go through a lot of trouble. Not away from city facilities but calm and peaceful along with nature's beauty the Kathmandu Valley trek gave me the best experience. 

Carlo Ricci


What is the shortest trek in Nepal from Kathmandu?

There are various short treks in Nepal from Kathmandu. The 3 days trek in Kathmandu valley starts from Sundarijal Kathmandu and ends with visiting Changu Narayan temple.

Is 2 days enough for Kathmandu?

Three days provide a comfortable trekking journey to visit Kathmandu city, but if you have just 2 days to trek around Kathmandu valley, you can manage your time wisely and have fun for two days.

How many days are enough to explore Kathmandu?

You can spend as much time as you can in Kathmandu, but if you have limited time, 2 to 3 days are enough to explore Kathmandu.

Additional Information

The Kathmandu Valley 3 days short trek is not considered a difficult trek as the beginner can also do it without any fear. However, the hike can be difficult at some levels due to the condition of the routes.

Kathmandu Valley Short Trek Difficulty

Sometimes the weather also can be difficult while trekking in the Kathmandu Valley short trek. Most of the time, the weather in Kathmandu is moderated but changing weather sometimes creates difficulties in your trekking experience.

Although every beginner can do, this short trek but the general level of fitness can help you to enhance your journey on the trekking experience.

What is the Best Time For Kathmandu Valley Short Trekking?

The Kathmandu Valley short treks can be done throughout the years but as per Kathmandu’s recent traveller reviews, the best time for the hike is considered as the Autumn and Spring when the weather is favourable, making it a good time for the trek.


Autumn months are a trekkers’ paradise, with clear skies and pleasant temperatures making the perfect time for trekking. The routes are covered with fallen leaves, providing the environment with a golden attractive look. Unobstructed views of the mountains and clear views make Autumn the peak season for the trek.

Besides the trekking experience, you’ll experience the culture of Nepali people in the Autumn season as you’ll get a chance to immerse yourself in the major festival of Nepal, which is Dashain and Tihar.


Spring (from March to May) is one of the most favorable seasons for the Kathmandu Valley short treks. As winter fades away, the valley comes out in an explosion of colour. The rhododendron trees and other flora in bloom provide brightness to the routes, creating a stunning environment that can’t be ignored.

Trekking during the spring provides pleasant weather and also provides you with a chance to see many rare spices and animals on your route.

Besides this season, the monsoon season can be challenging for you due to the slipper route and unexpected rainfall. But the best time to visit Kathmandu Valley for Short trekking is your personal choice.

Whether you want to see blossoming flowers, a beautiful environment, breathtaking views of snow, dense forest or the attractiveness of the monsoon, the Kathmandu Valley provides you with every beauty of nature.

Each route allows you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty as well as a cultural immersion that leaves an unforgettable impression on the heart.

What is the Highest Point of This Trek?

Chisapani at an elevation of 2350m is the highest point of the Kathmandu valley trek, 3 days. Chisapani is a peaceful village situated in the Himalayas that attracts trekkers with its beauty and environment. The attractiveness of Chisapani is, in its simplicity, pure relaxation from the noise and bustle of city life.

The beauty of Chisapani is beyond words. The village, which is surrounded by lush forests, rolling hills, and terraced farmlands, provides a beautiful combination of nature during your hike.

Trekking in Chisapani provides you with stunning views. From sunrise to sunset, the light on the Himalayan range creates a beautiful melody that will be in your memory for a lifetime.

Hiring Guide and Porter

It is your choice either to hire a guide or a porter for your trek. As this is just a 2-night and 3-day trek, you do not need to pack a heavy bag. If you are good physically good, you do not need to hire a guide, but if you feel like you can’t carry any load, you can simply hire a local porter.

Hiring a guide is also your choice, but we suggest you hire a guide for a more enjoyable and comfortable trek. A professional guide will help you a lot in your trekking journey as you may be lost while passing through forested trails, so hiring a guide is recommended.

Final Words

In just three days, the Kathmandu Valley shows you the beauty of Nepal, from city life to village life experience. From the hilly landscapes of Kathmandu Valley to the beautiful mountain ranges and the village lifestyle, along with fantastic views, the trip provides you.

Due to its comfort for kids to senior citizens, the trek is perfect for all skill levels, and because of this reason, the Kathmandu Valley trek, 3 days, is popular among the short trekking destination.

Why US

MyEverestTrip is a Nepalese Travel and Trekking Agency based in Kathmandu. We have been operating in different trekking regions for over a decade, traveling with hundreds of travelers worldwide.

With the pure intention to bring trekkers to Nepal’s safety and comfort, we have an entire team of travel planners, guides, and porters. We also have connections to hotels and restaurant lines all over Nepal to ensure that our trekkers get the best possible facilities.

So, here is the reason why you should travel with MyEverestTrip.

Customize Your Itinerary:

We have designed a well-planned Itinerary for all travel destinations around Nepal. However, this Itinerary is customizable as per the needs and requests of our trekkers. Just let us know when and how long you are staying so we can arrange the rest.

Our Expert Guide:

Although all travel agencies claim to have a good guide, many are not informed about the place you are traveling to. However, MyEverestTrip has its licensed guide in Nepal. They have been working in this field for over three decades, collecting all the information about the place/ culture and learning to keep the travelers safe. Also, our guide is good at the English language. We can even hire a guide who can speak Chinese and other European languages for trekking in Nepal upon special request.

Fair and reasonable Cost:

MyEverestTrip has been known for its very economic trek packages in Nepal. You can compare the price we offer with any other travel agency in Nepal and only book with us if you are satisfied with our cost. We try to include all needed expenses during the tour so that you will not be overwhelmed with hidden expenses after the packages are booked.

Your safety is our priority:

Obviously, the safety of our trekkers and team is the utmost priority of MyEverestTrip. Our guide and porters who shall accompany you for the trip will have their insurance. We also encourage Travel insurance for our trekkers. Our treks and trips have been so designed that you only walk an appropriate distance. In any case of emergency, you will always have our back.

Responsible and Eco-Friendly

MyEverestTrip operates with the belief in responsible tourism. This includes

  • We are transparent about the services covered on the trip. There shall be no hidden cost (informed in advance if there’s any)
  • We cover all the places promised before the trek (the trend of skipping places once you book the package has to be discouraged).
  • All our guides and porters are above 18yrs. We highly discourage child labor in the tourism industry
  • We do not leave any wastage behind on the trekking routes. We either dispose of the waste appropriately or carry it back with us and send it to the municipality
  • We do not engage in any activities that affect the people in the trek places of Nepal where we stay.

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