Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour


1 Days


This trip includes

Ground transportation in Nepal

Local flights cost covered in itinerary

Guided tour & trek throughout the trip


  • Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour offers a unique and exhilarating experience to witness the majestic Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayan region.
  • Aerial View of Mount Everest: The highlight of the helicopter tour is the incredible aerial view of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. You’ll get a close-up view of this iconic mountain and witness its grandeur from a unique perspective. Seeing Everest’s towering peak and snow-covered slopes is a breathtaking and awe-inspiring experience.
  • Scenic Mountain Views: The helicopter tour lets you enjoy panoramic views of the entire Everest region. You’ll fly over stunning mountain ranges, including Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, and many other peaks. The aerial perspective provides a comprehensive view of the Himalayan landscape and offers an unmatched visual spectacle.
  • Efficient Time-Saving Experience: Helicopter tours to Everest Base Camp offer a time-saving alternative to traditional trekking to Everest Base Camp. Instead of several days of trekking, you can reach the Everest region quickly and efficiently by helicopter. This allows you to maximize your time and experience the beauty of the Himalayas even if you have limited time available.
  • Close-up Views of Sherpa Villages: As you fly to Everest Base Camp, you’ll get a close-up view of the traditional Sherpa villages nestled amidst the mountains. Villages like Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and Dingboche offer a glimpse into the local Sherpa culture and their way of life. The helicopter tour provides a unique perspective on these settlements and lets you appreciate their remoteness and beauty.
  • Landing at Everest Base Camp or Kala Patthar: Depending on the tour package, some helicopter tours offer the opportunity to land either at Everest Base Camp or Kala Patthar, a nearby viewpoint famous for its panoramic views of Everest. This gives you a chance to step on the iconic base camp or witness the breathtaking views from Kala Patthar, providing an unforgettable experience. 
  • Safety and Comfort: Helicopter tours offer a comfortable and safe way to explore the Everest region. You’ll be accompanied by experienced pilots knowledgeable about the area, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. The helicopters provide a comfortable and spacious cabin, allowing you to relax and soak in the beauty of the Himalayas.
  • Unique Photographic Opportunities: The helicopter tour offers incredible photographic opportunities. From the aerial perspective, you can capture stunning shots of the mountains, valleys, and landscapes below. The clarity and uniqueness of the views from a helicopter make for exceptional photographs and lasting memories.


Everest Helicopter Tour provides a thrilling and unforgettable experience, allowing you to witness the beauty of the Everest region from a completely different vantage point. Whether you have limited time or prefer a more convenient way to explore the Himalayas, these tours offer an extraordinary adventure. Everest Base Camp is one of the most sought-after destinations for adventurers and mountaineers worldwide. An Everest Helicopter Tour might be the perfect option to explore this wonder without the grueling trek. This exhilarating tour provides a bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking landscapes you would never get from the ground.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Do you dream of seeing Mount Everest but do not quite fancy spending a few weeks hiking there? Well, don’t worry – we have the solution for you. We can take you on an Everest base camp tour by helicopter in just one day – within 4 to 5 hours- in the comfort and thrill of a helicopter!

Everest Helicopter Tour Starting your exciting luxury journey in Kathmandu, you will be treated to an aerial view of the bustling city and its famed UNESCO World Heritage Sites Sagarmatha National Park before heading towards the ‘Gateway to Everest‘ (Lukla). Cross over snowy mountain peaks, lush green landscapes, local settlements, and majestic monasteries as you fly alongside the Himalayan range towards Kala Patthar (5550 m), the most popular viewpoint in the Everest Region. Step off the helicopter and enjoy up-close views of Pumori, Nuptse, Lobuche, and Mount Everest.

Climb back into your luxury helicopter Tour and fly over trekkers cutting their way through mountainsides to Everest Base Camp and its 8000-meter peaks. Enjoy the view as you hover above, observe the landscape peppered with multi-colored tents, and marvel at the frozen panorama of the Khumbu Glacier and Icefall.    

Then take your second stop at Shyangboche, and enjoy a breathtaking breakfast surrounded by Himalayan peaks, before one final swoop over the Goyoko lakes. The perfect way to explore one of the world’s most beautiful sights, all from the comfort of a helicopter!

Therefore, this is ideal for anyone unable to trek, with limited time, or not keen on hiking. However, if this doesn’t sound like you, but you still fancy the thrill of the helicopter, then why not combine the helicopter ride with one of our many trekking packages? You can still experience the sights on foot, but you can cut down on your journey and enjoy the adventure of the tour.

Best Seasons for Everest Base Camp Helicopter with landing flight

For the best experience of a Mount Everest helicopter tour planning it during the autumn or spring seasons is recommended. A journey on an Everest base camp helicopter with a landing flight during the Autumn and Spring seasons is a lifetime experience.

You’ll be able to see the world’s highest, Mount Everest, and its surroundings because of the clear sky and stable weather during the Autumn and Spring seasons. The base camp helicopter tour is an adventure that will forever hold a special place in your heart. And the memories of the breathtaking view of The Everest helicopter flight tour will be unforgettable for your whole life.

Everest Helicopter Tour in Spring Season:

Spring is considered the peak season, which offers a pleasant change to the Everest region, with stable weather and a bright sky providing uninterrupted views of the world’s highest, Mount Everest, and its surrounding peaks.

The vibrant colors of blooming rhododendrons and flowers provide an amazing view of the mountains to enjoy the region’s beauty. Helicopter tours have become a popular way of providing a unique viewpoint and an unforgettable experience.

The views open like an unforgettable story of nature’s beauty, and the helicopter journey is a decision you won’t regret. Spring is the perfect time of year to capture the actual spirit of Everest and its surrounding peaks because of its pleasant temperatures, clear sky, and vibrant colors. Visiting the Everest base camp with helicopter flights and having Everest helicopter tours will be more enjoyable.

Everest Helicopter Tour in the Autumn season

Everest helicopter tour in the Autumn season is another unforgettable experience, providing you with amazing views of the Himalayan peaks, including Mount Everest. Autumn is a much-awaited season, with fresh and clean air. The beautiful sky lets you see the Himalayan peaks in all their glory.

Autumn provides you with a comfortable and safe helicopter trip with peaceful weather. Daytime temperatures are mild and pleasant, making enjoying every moment of your journey relaxing. The hillsides in autumn are a rainbow of colors, creating a beautiful view with a golden, orange, and red variety of leaves.

An Everest base camp tour provides a unique opportunity as you fly through snow-capped peaks, green hills,s, and stunning valleys, connecting with nature’s beauty. The memories created in your heart throughout your journey will be remembered forever.

Mount Everest Helicopter Tour Package

An Everest base camp Helicopter Package usually includes a round trip from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp. Some packages include stops at various locations, such as the Everest View Hotel, where you can have breakfast or a cup of tea while enjoying the magnificent views of Mount Everest. These packages often include the necessary permits and sometimes refreshments.

Everest Helicopter Tour Cost

Everest helicopter tours range from $1,200 to $6000. However, prices may have changed since then. It’s important to note that the cost can vary depending on various factors, such as the time of year, the number of people in your group, and the inclusions in the package.

Everest Base Camp Private Helicopter Tour Cost

If you are willing to tour the Everest region through a private helicopter and private trip, you have to pay more than you are paying for a group helicopter. The Everest base camp tour costs $5500 if you ask for a private blissful helicopter flight.

Group Join Everest Helicopter Tour Cost

Suppose you come from your country to Nepal with some of your friends and have less time to visit the Everest base camp. The group joining the Everest helicopter tour is for you.

If you’re alone but love to interact with other people, the group Everest helicopter tour is also suitable for you. Helicopter flights cost around $1100- $1500 for an EBC helicopter tour if you join a group helicopter tour.

Contact a friendly team member to learn more about the trip, the helicopter tour, or how to customize it and make it perfect for you to book an Everest helicopter tour; we will be happy to help!

Your EBC  helicopter tour will begin at the Tribhuvan International Kathmandu domestic airport. Our team will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning and bring you to the airport. As you arrive at the airport, your heli tour to Everest base camp adventure and the excitement will grow.

After reaching the airport, your guide will assist you in the check-in process. The airport officer will check your documents and tickets after checking in; after completing this step, you’ll be ready for a thrilling helicopter tour. Before entering the helicopter, our experienced and highly qualified pilot will provide a detailed safety brief to make sure that you are fully aware of all safety rules and procedures. Your safety is our primary priority; we want you to feel secure and comfortable during the journey.

You’ll have access to stunning viewpoints of Kathmandu Valley surroundings as the helicopter takes flight. As you fly into the Himalayas, city life slowly gives way to rolling green hills. With amazing views of the Himalayas, after 45 minutes, you will arrive at Lukla at an altitude of 2,820 meters. Lukla is famous for Lukla airport, where we will land to refill fuel.

After filling in fuel, you’ll continue your Everest helicopter tour to the Everest View Hotel for some rest. after that, you’ll land at Pheriche. From Pheriche, you’ll land at Kala Patthar, where you can see the surrounding mountains. After reaching Kalapatthar, your Everest helicopter tour will stop as you have to trek on foot to reach the Everest base camp.

After returning from Everest base camp, you’ll again continue your Everest helicopter tour as you will return flight and will directly fly Kathmandu.

The Journey Begins: Kathmandu to Lukla Airport

The EBC Helicopter Tour starts from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. The initial leg of the journey takes you to Lukla, a small town situated at 2,860 meters, known as the gateway to Everest. This flight offers views of terraced landscapes, flowing rivers, and the first glimpses of the snow-capped Himalayas.

Lukla to Everest View Hotel on Helicopter

When we reach Lukla, we land a helicopter at Tenzing Hiallry airport for a while as the helicopter needs to be refueled. When unloading the fuel, you’ll have enough time for refreshments there. You’ll get a chance to see another helicopter land there also. Lukla Airport is your starting point for an amazing journey.

After refilling the fuel, you’ll continue your journey to Everest View Hotel. Everest View Hotel is a luxurious hotel located at an altitude of 3880m and provides 360 views of the surroundings.

The Everest View Hotel provides the natural beauty of the region. visitors can see the nearby surrounding views and discover the rich biodiversity and unique Sherpa culture there. Adventure seekers can take part in thrilling activities like hiking and mountain biking.

Helicopter Flight From Everest View Hotel to Pheriche

After leaving from the Everest View Hotel, your next flight is Pheriche. Located at an altitude of 4371m, Pheriche provides an amazing view of mountains, including Ama Dablam and Lhotse. Pheriche is a starting point for several renowned trekking routes, including the famous Everest Base Camp Trek and the risky Island Peak Climbing Tour.

Trekkers can visit stunning valleys, massive forests, and charming Sherpa communities while taking in the natural beauty of the Himalayas. Pheriche is an attractive place that provides the spirit of the Himalayas, providing a rewarding trip to those who visit.

Pheriche encourages trekkers to develop the spirit of adventure and immerse themselves in the glory of the Everest area with its breathtaking view and rich heritage of culture.

Helicopter Flight From Pheriche to Kalapathar

After immersing yourself in the amazing Pheriche, you’ll have a helicopter flight to Kalapatthar. At an altitude of 5644m, Kalapatthar is a place where you are going to take some rest by seeing amazing surroundings.

The Kalapatthar View is a place that perfectly represents the beauty of the Himalayas. In the presence of these mountains, you’ll feel amazed and deeply connected to the beauty of nature.

Kalapathar to Everest Base Camp Trek

Once you reach Kalapatthar by helicopter fly, then you cannot go for an extra flight. You have to trek to for further journey. it is about a 4.5km distance to reach the Everest base camp from Kala Patthar, which takes 2-3 hours for a trek.

The trek is short, but the high altitude and challenging surroundings can make the trek physically demanding. Trekkers are advised to move ahead slowly, sometimes rest to adjust to the altitude, and see amazing Himalayan views. After climbing from Kala Patthar to Everest Base Camp, the sense of achievement is truly incomparable and makes the entire trek worthy.

Why Doesn’t Helicopter Land at Everest Base Camp?

You might be wondering why helicopters do not directly land at Everest base camp, although Everest base camp marks the beginning of the challenging trek towards Mount Everest. Here is the answer for your reason why:

  • High Altitude: Everest Base Camp is situated at an altitude of 5,364 meters above sea level. At such a high elevation, the air is thin, making it challenging for helicopters to generate enough lift to safely land and take off.
  • Thin Air and Reduced Engine Performance: Thin air at high altitudes affects the engine performance of helicopters. The reduced air density reduces engine power, which can affect the helicopter’s ability to lift off the ground safely after landing.
  • Unpredictable Weather: The weather conditions around Everest are unpredictable and can change rapidly. Sudden changes in weather, such as strong winds, low visibility, or snowfall, can cause significant risks during landing and takeoff.
  • Limited Space: There aren’t many options for safe landing spots because Everest Base Camp is surrounded by difficult and rocky ground. Helicopter landings are difficult and sometimes risky due to the complex landscape and lack of open areas.
  • Environmental Impact and Conservation: Helicopter landings at Everest Base Camp are restricted to preserve the precious environment and reduce the human effect on the beautiful Himalayan surroundings. This conservation effort aims to protect the natural beauty of the region and maintain its ecological balance.

Everest Base Camp Trek Vs. Everest Helicopter Tour

Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp Trek is a well-known route that begins in Lukla and continues through beautiful towns, greenery, and stunning landscapes to Mount Everest’s base camp. The trek offers breathtaking vistas of giant mountains like Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and Nuptse. The trek goes through the Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Everest base camp trek provides a variety of environments, from beautiful rhododendron forests to historic monasteries, providing an amazing visual experience. The Everest base camp trek provides trekkers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the hospitable Sherpa culture, which is known for its rich history.

The trekking route requires a good level of fitness and stamina. The trek continues for 12 to 14 days, depending on the chosen itinerary, and involves climbing to high altitudes, presenting both mental and physical challenges. Different problems can be seen during trekking in Everest base camp, including high altitude sickness, so taking care of your body is most important during trekking in Everest base camp.

Everest Helicopter Tour :

The Everest Helicopter Tour, which departs from Kathmandu and takes you on a helicopter journey in the Khumbu region, provides a unique viewpoint on the world’s tallest peak. This exciting journey provides amazing views of the Himalayan peaks and lush valleys, making it a great option for limited-time travelers.

The helicopter tour provides you with a view of the beauty of the Everest region in a few hours. The helicopter tour provides a comfortable and convenient journey to Everest Base Camp without a physically demanding trek.

Between the Everest base camp trek and the Everest base camp tour, there are lots of differences, including:

  • Time duration
  • Cost
  • viewpoint
  • Physical fitness
  • comfort
  • Environmental impact
  • Cultural exploration, and so on.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing

The most thrilling part of the tour is the landing. Landing near Everest Base Camp which is Kala Pathar allows you to experience the grandeur of the Himalayas up close. Standing among the towering peaks and breathing in the crisp mountain air is indescribable.

  • Book in advance: The Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing is highly popular; booking well in advance is recommended to secure your spot.
  • Choose the right time: The best times for the Everest Helicopter Tour are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is most stable.
  • Carry essentials: Bring your camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, and warm clothing.
  • Be aware of altitude: Altitude sickness can be a concern, so it’s important to be aware of its symptoms and communicate with your pilot if you feel unwell.

An Introduction to the EBC Helicopter Tour

The Everest Tour takes you to the foot of the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. This helicopter tour is not just a journey but an experience that combines adventure, beauty, and spirituality. With its soaring peaks, vast glaciers, and ancient culture, the Everest region is beyond comparison.

One of the Everest Base Camp Tour highlights is the option of landing at the base camp itself. This landing provides a close-up view of the majestic Everest and surrounding peaks. Here, climbers gather for their final preparations before making the ascent. The feeling of standing amidst the towering Himalayas is something that words can barely describe.

Packages and Itinerary Options

The Mount Everest heli tour can be tailored to different preferences and budgets. The standard Everest Base Camp Best Helicopter Tour package usually includes a round trip from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp, with a landing at Kala Patthar for the most magnificent view of Mount Everest.

Some tour packages also offer a stop at the famous Everest View Hotel, known for its stunning panorama of the Himalayas. Here, you can enjoy breakfast with a truly unmatched view.

Lukla to Everest Base Camp

From Lukla, the helicopter heads deeper into the Khumbu region. Along the way, you will witness some of the most famous peaks, including Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Kantega, and Lhotse. Depending on your chosen package, the helicopter approaches Everest Base Camp or lands at Kala Patthar.

After the exhilarating experience at the base camp, the helicopter begins its journey back to Kathmandu. Some tours offer additional experiences, like visiting the ancient Tengboche Monastery or stopping at the Everest View Hotel.

What to Expect on Your Everest Helicopter Tour?

The Everest helicopter tour in Nepal’s mountain region is subject to weather conditions. It’s best to have some flexibility in your schedule in case of delays. Carrying essentials such as sunscreen, sunglasses, cameras, and snacks is also advisable.

How safe is the Everest helicopter tour?

The Everest helicopter tour is considered relatively safe when conducted by reputable and experienced tour operators. To ensure a comfortable and secure experience for passengers, these operators placed a high priority on passenger safety and kept strict safety rules. The flights are conducted by skilled, licensed pilots who are familiar with the area, which provides the safety of the journey.

The Everest helicopter tour provides an exciting experience to see the Himalayas and Mount Everest in their full beauty. Safety is the top priority for tour operators, and strong safeguards are in place to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Travelers can go on this once-in-a-lifetime journey by choosing reputable operators, understanding safety regulations, and enjoying the excitement of adventure.

 As mentioned earlier, during your Everest helicopter tour, some packages include a stop at the Everest View Hotel. This hotel is renowned for offering one of the best views of Mount Everest. Additionally, there are other attractions like the Tengboche Monastery, one of the region’s most important monasteries.

One of the concerns during the Base Camp Helicopter Tour is the altitude. It’s important to listen to your body and communicate with the pilot or guide if you feel any symptoms of altitude sickness. The helicopters are equipped with oxygen for emergencies.

Booking Your Tour

When booking your Everest base camp helicopter tour package choose a reputable company. Read reviews and maybe even seek recommendations from those who have previously undertaken this journey.

In Conclusion

The helicopter tour to Everest base camp is not just a journey but an experience that will be etched in your memory for a lifetime. With the majestic Everest as the backdrop, this tour encapsulates the Himalayas’ beauty, majesty, and spirit in a way few other experiences can match. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast, a photographer, or someone looking to experience the Himalayas most majestically, this helicopter tour is for you.


Day Trip

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour

  1. Kathmandu to Lukla 
  2. Lukla to Everest View Point 
  3. Everest View Point to Pheriche / Lobuche 
  4. Kala Patthar
  5. Return to Lukla 
  6. Lukla to  Kathmandu


Day Trip

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Landing Tour

You will be collected from your hotel in the morning and drive to the airport. You will board your Everest base camp best helicopter tour to Lulka from here, and the excitement will begin! Flying early in the morning, the skies should be clear as we fly east, enjoying panoramic views of Kathmandu before heading toward the mountains. On our thrilling ride, we will fly above Himalayan peaks before reaching Lukla, a mountaintop Sherpa settlement known as the ‘Gateway to Everest.’ We will land at Tenzing-Hillary Airport to refuel and explore before returning to the mountains

Fly from Lukla to Everest Base Camp; Stopover at Kala Patthar (5550m/19,290ft) Enjoy breathtaking views of glacial rivers, Sherpa settlements, and majestic monasteries as we get back on board and fly over the emerald Gokyo Lakes – their sparkling turquoise waters contrasting with the icy-white frozen glaciers.

As we reach Everest Base Camp, your helicopter will hover over the expedition groups as they attempt to scale Mount Everest. If it’s the climbing season, the snow-covered landscape will be filled with colorful tents, creating a beautiful patchwork for you to observe from above. Surrounding the trekkers, you can view the broad glacial basin of Western Cwm, Khumbu Icefall, and Khumbu Glacier.

The helicopter will then get in touch in Kala Patthar. At 5545m, you are almost at the foot of Mount Everest and can take in the atmosphere as you are surrounded by one of the most incredible views on Earth. A chain of some of the highest peaks in the World rises around you as you soak in the views and take pictures. Due to the height, the air here is thin, and oxygen levels are low. So, to ensure you are not affected by the altitude, we will only stop here for 10 to 15 minutes before flying onto Shyangboche.

Breakfast at Shyangboche (30-40 minutes) and fly back to Kathmandu. Our next stop is in Shyangboche, where we will step off the helicopter for 20 – 40 minutes and enjoy one of the most magical breakfasts of your life. Flanked by the frozen walls of Ama Dablam, Thamserku, and Khumbu Himal, you can celebrate the completion of this beautiful tour.

What To Expect?

What's included

  • Pick up / drop from your hotel to the airport.

What's not included

  • Wind profit Jacket
  • Camera

Offering Group Discounts!

No. of Tourists Price Per Person in USD
1 Paxes $1300
2 Paxes $1200


It was my dream to touch my soul to mt Everest base camp in my life but my age and my knee can't afford it, but finally, I show my Everest trip they have helicopters tour in his packages within 4 hours tour mt Everest base camp and come back, I was so surprised and I start to talk with my Puru who will arrange Myarrange  Mt, base camp by helicopters. and his office and we talk about the tour plans the next day morning he manages this trip by joining the group on a great  Helicopter Tours to Everest Base Camp & Kalapther Tour.    I am really enjoying my short holiday in Nepal with Everest Heli Tour to Everest base camp, actually, we stopped close to the bottom of Kalapathar Hill, above Gorak shep and Everest viewpoint also a perfect spot for excellent close views of Mt. Everest and the alluring panorama of the whole mountain range of Everest and many others mountain Views.   


Mr Puru and his company, My Everest Trip, were a great experience!  They made things very easy for me, my father, and mum on our trek to Everest Base Camp with  Helicopter Tours!  Very flexible and helpful.  He is an amiable person Mr Puru and is always happy to assist us with anything, including flights and packages we need, last-minute changes, hotel arrangements, and tours.  Great guys always have a smile on their faces.  I want them to continue their top service; They genuinely deserve it.  Give them a try; you won't regret it.   

Marri, John and Beth

About to Know Everest base camp helicopter tours:

How long is the flight to Everest Base Camp?

The flight to Everest Base Camp typically takes around 4 to 5 hours, but this can vary depending on the weather conditions and route.

What is included in an Everest Base Camp helicopter tour?

The exact details of what is included in an Everest helicopter tour will vary depending on the tour provider. Still, most tours typically include a helicopter flight to and from the base camp, a guided tour of the area, and sometimes meals or refreshments.

Can I fly to the top of Mount Everest?

No, it is impossible to fly to Mount Everest’s summit. The highest point a helicopter can fly to is the South Col, at around 7,900 meters (25,919 feet)

Is it safe to fly to Everest Base Camp?

Flying to Everest Base Camp is generally considered safe, but like with any helicopter tour, there is always some risk involved. The helicopter operators in Nepal have an excellent safety record and follow strict safety protocols, but factors such as weather conditions and altitude can impact the safety of the flight.

Should I be physically fit to take a helicopter tour to Everest ?

A helicopter tour to Everest does not require significant physical fitness, as the flight covers most distance. However, being in good health and not suffering from medical conditions that the high altitude may exacerbate is essential.

Can I book a one-way helicopter tour everest base camp?

Yes, you can book a one-way flight to Everest Base Camp. Some tour providers offer one-way flights, allowing you to fly to the base camp and then return by another means, such as a trek or getaway.

How much does the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour cost? 

Helicopter cost depends upon whether you’re going on a private trip or a group tour. For a private tour, it cost around $1100-$1500. For a private helicopter tour, it cost around $4500.

Is the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour suitable for all ages?

Yes, the helicopter tour is suitable for travelers of all ages, as it does not require many physical challenges.

Everest base camp trek or Everest base camp helicopter tour which offers a closer view of Mount Everest?

Both options offer impressive views of Mount Everest, but the Everest Base Camp Trek allows you to get closer to the mountain and experience its magnificence up close.

Additional Information

The Everest Helicopter Tour is a scenic flight that offers breathtaking views of the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. This tour usually starts from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, and takes you to the vicinity of Mount Everest, providing close-up views of the mountain range. 

Duration: The Everest base camp helicopter tour typically lasts about 4-5 hours, including the flight time to and from Mount Everest and a stop for lunch at a local lodge.

Flight Route: The Everest base camp helicopter tour usually follows the standard flight route, which includes a stop at the Syangboche airport near Namche Bazaar and a fly-by of the Khumbu Glacier, Mount Everest South Base Camp, and the summit of Mount Everest.

+6 Comfort: The helicopters used for the tour are modern, well-maintained, and equipped with comfortable seats, large windows, and climate control.

Cost: The cost of the Everest base camp helicopter tour varies depending on the operator, the type of helicopter, and the season. The average cost ranges from US $1100 to US $1500 per person.

Safety: The flight is operated by experienced pilots, and the helicopters have all the necessary safety equipment. However, checking with the operator about their safety record and policies is always advisable.

Best time to go: The best time to take an Everest base camp helicopter tour is from September to May when the weather is clear and the views of the mountain range are the best.

 The Everest base camp helicopter tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an excellent opportunity to see the world’s tallest mountain up close.

Weather & Climate Change For Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Weather can greatly impact your experience during the Everest base camp helicopter tour. You’ll be flying at a high altitude in a place where the weather can change quickly, and there are often heavy winds. You could feel unpleasant things in either situation, which can be dangerous.

Plan your Everest base camp helicopter tour during the clearest weather, when visibility is high, and wind speeds are low, to get the best aerial views of the region. The Everest base camp helicopter tour is best during the dry season, as the sky is usually clearer than during the rainy months.

March and April are considered the best months for the Everest base camp helicopter tour as the visibility will be clear this month, and wind speeds are low. You’ll have the opportunity to experience breathtaking views of Mt. Everest and its surrounding peaks with minimum risk by flying during March or April.

How to Book a Private Everest Helicopter Landing Tour?

If you’re interested in booking a private Everest base camp helicopter tour, we have been providing this service for a decade, and our team consists of experienced professionals. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Service in the Everest Helicopter Tours

If you have free time and want to trek the whole journey by foot, you can also experience that, but when returning from the Everest base camp trek, you might feel like you need help in your journey. Altitude sickness may hit you in that condition. We are always ready to help you.

You can even take a Gorakshep helicopter flight to reach Kathmandu. You will land directly at Kathmandu airport by taking the facility from Gorakshep. You can even take a Lukla helicopter flight or even from Pheriche.

You can contact us anytime; from wherever you take a flight, you’ll be landed at Kathmandu domestic airport at Kathmandu Valley. We are always ready for your service.

Why US

MyEverestTrip is a Nepalese Travel and Trekking Agency based in Kathmandu. We have been operating in different trekking regions for over a decade, traveling with hundreds of travelers worldwide.

With the pure intention to bring trekkers to Nepal’s safety and comfort, we have an entire team of travel planners, guides, and porters. We also have connections to hotels and restaurant lines all over Nepal to ensure that our trekkers get the best possible facilities.

So, here is the reason why you should travel with MyEverestTrip.

Customize Your Itinerary:

We have designed a well-planned Itinerary for all travel destinations around Nepal. However, this Itinerary is customizable as per the needs and requests of our trekkers. Just let us know when and how long you are staying so we can arrange the rest.

Our Expert Guide:

Although all travel agencies claim to have a good guide, many are not informed about the place you are traveling to. However, MyEverestTrip has its licensed guide in Nepal. They have been working in this field for over three decades, collecting all the information about the place/ culture and learning to keep the travelers safe. Also, our guide is good at the English language. We can even hire a guide who can speak Chinese and other European languages for trekking in Nepal upon special request.

Fair and reasonable Cost:

MyEverestTrip has been known for its very economic trek packages in Nepal. You can compare the price we offer with any other travel agency in Nepal and only book with us if you are satisfied with our cost. We try to include all needed expenses during the tour so that you will not be overwhelmed with hidden expenses after the packages are booked.

Your safety is our priority:

Obviously, the safety of our trekkers and team is the utmost priority of MyEverestTrip. Our guide and porters who shall accompany you for the trip will have their insurance. We also encourage Travel insurance for our trekkers. Our treks and trips have been so designed that you only walk an appropriate distance. In any case of emergency, you will always have our back.

Responsible and Eco-Friendly

MyEverestTrip operates with the belief in responsible tourism. This includes

  • We are transparent about the services covered on the trip. There shall be no hidden cost (informed in advance if there’s any)
  • We cover all the places promised before the trek (the trend of skipping places once you book the package has to be discouraged).
  • All our guides and porters are above 18yrs. We highly discourage child labor in the tourism industry
  • We do not leave any wastage behind on the trekking routes. We either dispose of the waste appropriately or carry it back with us and send it to the municipality
  • We do not engage in any activities that affect the people in the trek places of Nepal where we stay.

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Moderate To Strenuous

Everest Base Camp Trek with Island Peak Climbing

16 Days in Nepal

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Last Minute Booking For Everest Base Camp Trek

We will provide you with a last-minute booking for the Everest base camp trek a 12-day itinerary. Even more, we have experienced guide porters and…

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Annapurna Circuit Trek in September in nepal

Annapurna Circuit Trek in September

Annapurna Circuit Trek in September is an ideal period to embrace the second most renowned trekking route in the Himalayas. September, the introductory month of…

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Annapurna Circuit Trek in October

Annapurna Circuit Trek in October

Annapurna region is a popular trekking destination in the Himalayas, with the Annapurna Circuit Trek being an amazing and adventurous trekking trail. Moreover, the Annapurna…

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Base Camp Treks in Nepal

Base Camp Treks in Nepal

Nepal is undoubtedly one of the best if not the best destination for the trekkers all around Nepal. You can find different kinds of trekking…

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