Trekking in Nepal

Top 5 Best Treks in Nepal

Excellent Facilitation of a short Himalayan Trek. I’m a regular visitor to Nepal and have been so since the early eighties (of the past century). My visits to Nepal are predominantly centred around work or conducting professional studies. I continue such visits into the present. In my early years in Nepal, I lived in the Western (Karnali-Beri) Region and was based in the Jumla district. Subsequently, I stayed in Kathmandu, where I travelled extensively. My work, both in and outside Nepal, is centred around agriculture, forestry, and rural development, with a particular interest in nature conservation, non-timber-forest products, and medicinal plants. The Himalayan region is well known for the latter. My most recent visit to Nepal was in November 2017. This visit combined professional activities, meeting Nepali friends, and a short Himalayan trek. While in Kathmandu, I looked for someone or an agency to facilitate the required trekking permits, road transport, and flight arrangements. I relied for these services on Mr Puru Thapaliya of My Everest Trip after meeting him in his Thamel – Chhetrapati office. Initially, Puru assisted me with the international shipment of goods. The small size of the company office believes in the extent of services it provides and the high level of efficiency with which it does so.

I believe many positive company characteristics are thanks to Puru Thapaliya himself. He started as a porter in his native rural area, then quickly became a certified guide, and following this, he started his own business. This means he knows the trekking business in Nepal from the inside out. I learned to know Puru as a dedicated travel agent/service provider who regularly keeps track of you even when you undertake a short, not-too-complicated trek (Jiri – Lukla). It needs no explanation that the preparatory services to arrange this trip were carried out smoothly and at the most reasonable cost. I usually opt for individual or simple guided trips in case remote areas are concerned. In 2017 my available time for logistical preparation and trekking did not allow for more complex trips such as Dolpo, Upper Mustang, or Arun Valley. In Nepal. I favour such trips because of their lower tourism density and high offering of authentic cultural aspects and rich natural history and scenery. During the personal communication I’ve had with Puru, he convinced me that he does not only possess the experience and flexibility to support custom-organized trips. He also has the required local contacts to help with such travel. I strongly recommend the services of “My Everest Trip” and Puru. I will surely avail of these services myself later in 2018, together with a small group of friends.