Trekking in Nepal

I challenged my two buddies to do this trek with me. We are so competitive and always come up with something we must do.

We were well prepared when we arrived in Nepal because we had a long correspondence with Puru, who gave us good advice. Meeting him and our guide in his office for the last details was like meeting a friend. We were grouped up with two guys from Switzerland, and that was cool; always lovely to meet new friends.

For this trek, you must be in good shape. We are young, muscular guys, but we struggle occasionally. Some of the terrains we walked were rough, and sometimes we didn’t talk much, but the porters were singing! These guys are so strong, even though they look small.

This trek takes almost two weeks, and because of the big difference in altitude (710 m to 5160m), you walk through different climate zones; this adds so much to the experience of seeing how the landscape changes from the lower parts to the icy trails to Larkya La Pass. Some days we walked for only 4-5 hours, but the day we walked to Larkya La Pass was almost 9 hours, but reaching the top gave a big reward. Our guide pointed out prominent peaks like Manaslu, Annapurna II, and Kang Guru. Our guide was great; he knew so many things and had excellent knowledge about the culture, villages, and gompas. Because this is a challenging trek in the remote part, it’s not as crowded, and you feel part of the greater universe.

So three guys from Holland asked for a challenge, and we got exactly what we asked for, thanks to Puru and his professional team. On top of this, we have two new friends in Switzerland and several new friends in Nepal.

Last, I recommend My Everest Trip to everybody who wants to travel to Nepal. They have many activities, and Puru shows great integrity and insight. I understand why his clients return to him if they revisit  Nepal.