NEPAL: Never Ending Peace And Love

Nepal is a great place to visit at least once in a lifetime!
Most people there are friendly, kind and helpful. The terrain differs from the Southern National Forest of Chitwan National Park to the valley and river from Chitwan to Pokhara and, of course, to the mountain ranges in the North. And so is the diversity of the weather in the mountain area; it could be bright & sunny in the morning, turning into overcast, dark clouds, rain, heavy rain, and then a hail storm in the mountains. We were blessed to only have a relatively light and short taste of hail storms in 2 of the late afternoons. This is also exciting to experience quite the extremes within the same day.
We also love seeing the different trees, flowers, insects, animals, kids, and rock sediments…Besides enjoying nature, we also visited several World Heritage Sites and were even in time to experience the Holi Festival. There were also opportunities to visit orphanages and meet exciting people worldwide.
We were grateful to have excellent guides arranged for our journeys. We had a young but knowledgeable and wise tour guide in Chitwan to show us around patiently and take us bird watching early in the morning. Our trekking guide, Mr Puru Thapaliya, was also an excellent and experienced trekker; he was kind enough to cook for us lest we starve. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to reach Poonhill.
For one of a kind experience, thanks again!