Cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

cost of Annapurna base camp trek

The Annapurna region is Nepal’s second most popular trekking destination after the Everest region. Annapurna Base Camp Trek in this mainstream trekking route leads you to the foothills of the 10th highest mountain in the world, Mt. Annapurna 8,091 meters (26,545 feet).

If you are here it means that you are interested in this classical Himalayan expedition and wondering about the cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek. The general cost for the ABC Trek is around US$ 700 to US$ 1,800 which may vary depending on the duration, amenities and highlight exploration part. For further insights on the cost of this Himalayan expedition let’s explore the cost heads as well as the includes and excludes of a standard trekking package.

Cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek- Package Cost

8 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The standard cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek is around US$ 700 to US$ 1,800. The cost may vary depending on the number of itinerary days, highlights exploration, and overall quality of services and amenities.

If you want to enhance the experience even further, the Annapurna region is a mainstream trekking destination in Nepal, so you will also be able to enjoy a luxurious and comforting trekking experience. You can also get your own custom-tailored adventure package which can be slightly expensive than the regular package but the experience will be totally worth it.

In a custom-tailored package, you can adjust the itinerary days and plans befitting your needs. You will have free control over the number of rest days, exploration part, and trek distance that you will cover in a day.

We, here at My Everest Trip offer the best cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek, our 12 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek costs only US$ 725 per person. Our best-value adventure package does not fall short on anything or compromise the integrity of services and amenities when it comes to this beautiful Himalayan expedition.

If you want to travel in style, we also offer both luxurious and custom-tailored packages that best suit your adventure palate. You can also get discounts on a group expedition, stay updated with our website to check out the special offers for discounts. For any kind of queries and booking confirmation, you can contact us via our Contact Page.

Included and Excluded- Cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

annapurna base camp trek difficulty

When buying a trekking package for your expedition, you should clearly check out the services and amenities included in your package. Even if you are managing this adventure on your own, here are some expense heads of the cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek that you have to allocate your budget for.

The included and excluded segments for the cost of ABC Trek may vary depending on the services package you choose.

What is Included?

The following expenses head of your Annapurna Base Camp Trek are generally included in your trekking package. These are the most basic essential cost heads of this expedition and even if you don’t want to hire the services of a trekking company, you have to manage these costs of Annapurna Base Camp Trek on your own.


It is not possible to do the Annapurna Base Camp Trek without proper Permits. If you are buying a trekking package, your agency will arrange all the necessary permits and documentation required for doing this trek. In case you are managing this trek on your own, you will have two permits while doing this classical Himalayan trekking expedition.

First of all, the most crucial permit for this adventure is the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, you won’t be able to even the trekking region without this permit. Similarly, another mandatory permit that you need to have for this expedition is Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) Card. The Nepal Tourism Board has made this permit mandatory for trekking adventures in the country, this card helps the authorities to keep track of the checkpoints that the trekkers have made which enhances the safety factors.

Due to the large number of trekkers that went missing during their Himalayan trekking adventures, this is a mandatory permit that helps the authorities with immediate rescues and assistance to the trekkers in need.

Cost for Annapurna Conservation Area Permit: US$ 30

Cost for TIMS Card: US$ 20

Accommodation Facilities

Moving ahead on the most essential cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek, accommodation is another expense that is covered by your trekking package. It is not possible to move along your trekking adventure without giving your body proper rest and a comfortable nesting a must to keep moving forward in your journey.

It is the most basic cost of Annapurna Base Camp trek and your trekking package does cover the cost of your accommodation if you are trekking through an agency. Your accommodation cost covers the expenses of your stay at the hotel in Kathmandu as well as the teahouses along the trekking route. If you are overseeing the overall expedition on your own, you have to manage and pay for the accommodation services at Kathmandu and teahouses in the Annapurna region as well.

You can expect a moderate to luxurious level of services and amenities during your stay at hotels in Kathmandu and on the trekking trail, as the Annapurna is one of the mainstream trekking regions in the country. Besides the top-tier services at the hotels in Kathmandu, in your regular trek, you can expect a moderate level of accommodation facilities. During your trekking days, you will rest in a well-furnished room with 2- 3 adjacent beds and receive the essentials like a blanket, pillow, and comfortable mattress. Like the room, the bathroom facilities will be also in a shared vicinity.

Cost of Accommodation at Kathmandu: Starting at US$ 20

Cost of Accommodation at Teahouses/Lodge: US$8- US$ 12

Food and Beverages

Another basic cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek is food and beverages, without proper fuel for the body, it is not possible to continue with your exploration. Although the general trekking package covers all the expenses for the food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), for the beverages you are on your own. You can expect a moderate to an extensive set of menus during your Annapurna Base Camp Trek depending on the standard of your teahouse.

You will have the option to choose from a wide diversified menu comprised of tasty local delicacies, Tibet-Indian-influenced dishes, and popular continental dishes. You can pick from the menus like eggs, bread, toast, pappad, chapati, pudding, paratha, pancake, salad, oats, cereals etc for your breakfast. For dinner and lunch, you can choose from the menu like momo, chowmein, dal bhat tarkari, macaroni, pizza, steak, pasta, spring rolls, burgers, sandwiches, potato chips, etc.

In the case of beverages, you can enjoy a wide variety of drinks from fresh juice, and canned drinks, to cold drinks and alcohol. For water, you can buy the bottled mineral water at the teahouses or store the boiled drinking water at the teahouses, which is the most safest way to stay hydrated. Although there are water taps available everywhere in the region, you are not recommended to drink from it as it may be unsafe to drink.

Cost of Food in Kathmandu: US10- US$ 20

Cost of Food in Teahouse: US$ 10- US$ 15

Cost of beverages in Kathmandu: Starting price at US$ 5

Cost of Beverage at Teahouse: Starts at US$ 5


Moving ahead in the list of the cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek, transportation is another essential cost head. You will need to use the transportation facilities for transiting between your hotel and airport as well as driving or flying to Pokhara, the starting point of your Himalayan adventure.

If you buy a trekking package, your agency will cover the expenses for every ground and air transport during the trekking part (international flight cost not included). However, if you are managing this trek on your own, you can decide the mode of transportation you want to choose for your adventure. Your trekking package follows a pre-determined itinerary and the transport modes are luxurious and comfortable.

When arranging transportation facilities on your own, you can choose from several modes of transportation like public transport, tourist buses, jeeps, taxis, and airplane flights. The public modes of transport, tourist bus and jeep are pretty much economical, however, hiring a taxi to move according to your pace can be expensive while moving to the trek starting point.

Cost for Traveling in a Local Bus: US$ 10- US$ 15

Cost for Traveling in a Jeep: Starting price at US$ 200

Cost of Traveling in a Taxi: Starts at US$ 150

Cost of Traveling by Air: Starts at US$ 100

Guides and Porters

How difficulty is Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Guides and porters make your overall trekking experience more enjoyable, comfortable, and safer, so you cannot neglect this significant expense head in the cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek. In the standard trekking package, a Government-licensed guide and porters are assigned to the expedition team depending on the group size. The general porter-to-guide ratio is 2:1; one guide each for two members of the trekking team.

If you are traveling without hiring a trekking agency, hiring guides and porters is a crucial foundation of your expedition, not only they will assist you in your day-to-day exploration, but you will also get the best recommendations and knowledge about the hidden gems in the region that you have missed if you were on your own. Also, hiring guides for any kind of trekking adventure in Nepal has been mandatory since 1st April 2023, this law has been passed to enhance the safety of the trekkers.

So, in case you are overseeing the overall arrangement of your trek on your own, you can hire guides and porters for the expedition via trekking agencies or hire Government-licensed freelancing guides.

Cost for Hiring Guides for Annapurna Base Camp Trek: US$ 30- US$ 35

Cost for Hiring Porters for Annapurna Base Camp Trek: US$ 20- US$ 25

First Aid

When setting out on an adventure, it is important to prepare for health hazards and any kind of unforeseen accidents. Things don’t always go according to plan, so it is wise to stay prepared and be able to take care of some minor inconveniences during your adventure. That’s why in the cost of Annapurna Base Camp, you should also allocate an expense head off for the first aid kit and general health equipment.

For instance, when traveling with an agency, your expedition team is provided with a first aid kit with general medications, a first aid respondent, and medical tools like an oximeter to frequently check your oxygen saturation level. This way your team’s medical staff can keep track of your health conditions and determine how well you are doing with the rising altitude. When overseeing the trip on your own, you have to the cost of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek on your own.

Government Expenses

When buying any products or services it is natural for you to expect the government and official services charges to be tagged behind the cost. However, your general cost of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek package covers all the government expenses like vat, tax, and also the agencies’ official services charges.

Even when you are managing the trek on your own, you can easily pay for the government expenses on your own as they are properly listed in every service you employ.

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What is Excluded?

Annapurna Base Camp Trek
Trekking in Nepal | Annapurna Base Camp Trek

We have covered the expense head in the cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek which is generally covered by your trekking package. Now, moving ahead, let’s see what natural expenses are not covered by your trekking package that you have to bear on your own.

Personal Natured Expenses

In the allocation of the cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek, your trekking package will cover the expenses of all general heads from food, accommodation, transport, and permits. But, for any kind of expenses that are not mentioned in the itinerary plans, you have to cover those costs yourself.

For instance, if you want to snack during your trekking adventure, enjoy your time at a bar, or employ additional porters to make your experience even more comfortable, these personal-natured expenses are not covered by your trekking package. Some other personal-natured expenses that you have to cover on your own are internet, charging, laundry, satellite phone, alcohol, desserts, etc.


Tipping is a pretty normal tradition in the services industry, you are expected to leave some tip for the working staff at services-oriented establishments like restaurants, hotels, bars, spas, etc.

Similarly, tipping is also a popular practice in trekking adventures all around the world. Thus, it is another expense head in your cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek, even when trekking with an agency package, you have to cover this excluded cost factor on your own. As you get a chance to enjoy an exhilarating, informative, and safer expedition thanks to the porters and guides in your team, take it as a way to appreciate their efforts.

Generally, there isn’t a specific amount allocated for tipping in the Himalayan adventure, so you are pretty much on your own when heartily tipping your expedition companion. The normal expected tipping for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is around US$ 10- US$ 15 for the trekking guides and about US$ 5- US$ 10 for porters.

Entry Fee at Cultural Sites

Moving along the list of the excluded costs of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek package, you have to bear the entry fee at cultural sites and museums on your own regardless of whether you are trekking with an agency or managing the trek on your own. Most generally, your Annapurna Base Camp starts with a sightseeing day at the cultural sites in the Kathmandu Valley.

On this day excursion, you will also get the opportunity to visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 7 out of 10 in the country are within the capital valley. During this exploration most of the cultural heritage admit a certain amount of entrance fees, the same goes for museums and other architectural sites, you will have to manage these entry fees on your own.

These entrance fees particularly don’t cost that much, only around US$ 2- US$ 15. However, the activities offered by the sites have different charges for instance visiting a museum inside a particular site or photography. That’s why most trekking agencies don’t include the cost of the entry fees in the package as tourists have different preferences.


After doing a remarkable adventure in the Himalayas, you definitely want a memoir of the adventure. That’s why buying souvenirs is also an important aspect of the cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Most of the trekkers like buying artifacts, handmade art, paintings, bag, clothes, etc to remember their journey in this mystical and spiritual Himalayan country.

So, you might also definitely want to take a piece of art or spiritual artifacts to remember your journey down the memory lane. However, always make sure the products you are buying are authentic, that’s why you are recommended to buy the souvenirs from cultural sites or directly from the artisan, online marketplace may not be the best place to shop for authentic souvenirs.

The general cost for normal souvenirs like art, necklaces, bracelets, handwoven bags, clothes, etc may cost somewhere between US$2- US$ 10. But, if you are going for art pieces, statues, and other artifacts with significant religious values, it can even cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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