Accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek

Lukla Accommodation on Everest Base Camp trek

The Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular and famous trekking destination in Nepal. The accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek Depends upon your budget. The Trek Itinerary starts from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp. The trek offers you the most beautiful views of the Himalayas such as Mount Everest, Mt Choyo, and Mt Lhotse. You will have a lifetime experience while exploring the hidden gem of the Everest region.

While during your Everest Base Camp Trek, you will be staying in a normal tea house/lodge along the trail. The Tea House is mainly built of the woods. The Lodges offer you a room with a single blanket, Pillow, and a common shared bathroom. While few of the Tea House offers an attached bathroom as well, with the extra amount of the payment.

The Everest region is known for the Sherpa community which follows Buddhism as their main religion. You will also get an opportunity to explore the typical food and local dishes of the Sherpa community during your trek to the Everest region.

Different foods are widely available within the Tea House as with the preference of the trekkers. The famous food during your trek in the Mountain is Fried rice, Chowmein, Sandwiches, and sherpa Soup along with Dal Bhat. We suggest to all the trekkers to consume more carbohydrate foods during the trek in the Mountains which keeps your stomach full and gain more energy to trek.

Types of Accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek 

Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation offers many types of accommodation facilities to the trekkers. The following are the most used and the most popular ones:

Tea House/Lodge Accommodation on Everest Base Camp

During the Everest Base Camp trek, the tea house is well known for the accommodation service to the trekkers exploring the Everest region.  From my own perspective staying in a Tea house for accommodation will enhance the opportunity of exchange of the culture within the local community.

The Tea House provides a clean room with a balcony from where the trekkers can enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain ranges and the beautiful village. 

At night, the owner burns the wood in the middle of the Dining room which is also known as the Himalayan Heater. Which keeps you warm and cozy within the room. The ambiance of the dining will be awesome to enjoy with your friends and new other trekkers. Playing cards and reading books are the most common during the trek in the mountains.

Talking about the washroom in the tea house and lodge during the Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation the washroom will be shared with all the trekkers. Along with some of the destinations you will also get a room with an attached bathroom as well. The washroom will be of two options in the tea house: you will also get the western-style washroom along with the Nepali-style washroom.

Camping Accommodation on Everest Base Camp

The Camping Accommodation during your trek to the Everest base Camp Accommodation is also the most reliable accommodation for trekkers. While going on a camping trip as your accommodation you need to carry all your belongings with you such as food, tent, blankets, gas, vegetables, etc. while you won’t be using the tea house as your accommodation center.

While going for the camping accommodation it requires a huge amount of the human resources required to complete the trek. The camping trek is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Along with the trekkers will experience a lot more during the camping trek to the Everest Base camp Trek.  They will witness the beautiful views and the good weather during the nighttime with the proper Milky Way galaxy just above their eyes.

Luxury Accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek 

Luxury accommodation on Everest Base Camp Trek is possible. With the luxury accommodation, the guest will be accommodated in a fine tea house/lodge of the destination with a fine luxury room with an attached bathroom along with a hot shower available. 

While you are on a luxury trip you will have the best room with the attached balcony from where you can witness the mooring sunrise and the Gaint mountain from your bed. The hotel/travel agency will get you a guide to assist you in each and every need of your preference.

The foods will be well mannered and served to you with the proper care and with lots of love to the trekkers. The ingredients that are gonna be used will also be pure organic vegetables from the garden within the Everest region of Nepal. So on the other hand you will experience the new taste of the food which is grown at an altitude of more than 3,000 m above sea level. 

On the luxury trip each and every thing will be of the top quality. The guide/trek leader trekking with you will also be the best of the best assisting you in the mountains. Who have many experiences as to travel to the high mountains.

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Accommodation at Everest Base Camp Trek 

During the Everest base Camp, Trek Accommodation is the best, while it might be different from the trekker’s perspective. You will get the different tea houses and lodges during the Everest Base Camp Trek. It mainly depends on the location and the accessibility of the transport.

Lukla Accommodation

Lukla is the most popular and well-known town where thousands of trekkers meet and commence their trek to the Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Lake, and on their Expedition Journey. 

Lukla Accommodation in Everest Region Trekking

Lukla is a town also known for the top airports in the World. The trekkers will get the good ambiance of a clean room with tidy bed sheets. As per your preference, you will get a room of your choice like a room with an attached bathroom and the normal room. 

The hot shower will be totally available to shower at the end of the day. You will get the best-cooked food as per your own choice and preference.

Though you will also find many cafes and the bakery within the Lukla to enjoy the coffee with your friends and trek mates. 

Phakding Accommodation

Phakding is the first day of camp for all the trekkers, exploring the Everest region. The Tea House and Lodge are built in the woods. 

Phakding Accommodation

The Tea House gets you the room, a single blanket, a pillow, and the shared bathroom with the trekkers. As for the extra blanket in the mountains, you need to get your own sleeping bag with you.

In Phakding you will see a few tea houses and lodges that provide you with good food for your lunch and dinner along with shelter facilities.

Namche Bazaar Accommodation

Namche Bazaar is the gateway to the Everest Base Camp Trek. The Namche Bazaar is a small town with more facilities for all the trekkers. You will get the best of the best guest house and the hotel with the attached bathroom with a beautiful balcony and the various services of the Hotel.

Namche Bazzar

The Guest House and Tea House you find in Namche Bazzar are better as compared to other camping days like Lukla and Phakding. Along with the different vibrant ambience of the local sherpa community makes you feel outstanding. You may explore the cafe and the different restaurants with live music within the restaurant.

Talking about the food in Namche Bazaar, you will get the same taste of the food that you get in the restaurants of Kathmandu city. The Tea House will serve you the food as per your order from the menu. You will also get the best mountain view from the Namche bazaar of the Thamserku and the Kongde.

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Tengboche Accommodation

Tengboche is on the hilltop which gives you the best panoramic views. Along with you will be alongside the world’s oldest and highest monastery -Tengboche Monastery.

tengboche accommodation

As being on the hilltop it will be colder during the night and in the morning time. You will taste traditional food with the mixture of the western as well. The popular foods during the trek are Dal Bhat, Fried rice, Chowmein, etc. 

You will be staying in a tea house with a twin bedded room and a common washroom. All the facilities will be provided to all the trekkers by the tea house.

Gorakshep Accommodation 

The Ghorakshep is the last settlement that provides accommodation services to all the trekkers, who are trekking to the Everest Base Camp. As it is above 5,000m the Gorakhsep will be colder, so the trekkers should carry their sleeping bag with them while commencing the trek.

Gorakshep is the point to explore the Everest Base Camp and the Kalapathar. So as to explore the mesmerizing views you will be accommodating in a room where a single blanket with pillow and a twin bed are available. You will get the hot water as per your choice but you need to pay a few amounts. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity at Everest Base Camp Trek 

While exploring the high mountains being connected with the family, relatives, and loved ones is really important. The Guest House also provides you the free wifi where you will be staying in your camp. This wifi only works for a certain period of time which is very lacking, as to communicate with your family members.

As for better speed all along the trail to Everest Trek, you will find an Everest Link WiFi for which you need to get a re-charge card which costs you around NPR 600-800. This Wi-Fi works quite well and after using the card of the Everest Link wifi, it works for only 24 hours meaning as you login with the code to the wifi it will be valid for a single day. If the card works then you may use the same recharge everywhere you trek to the next destination where you get the signal of Everest Link Wifi.

Along the Everest Base Camp Trek, the cellular data works very well till Namche Bazaar. As passing through the Namche Bazaar your signal gets interrupted and again gets connected somewhere near the Tengobche Monastery. As you pass the Tengboche none of the sim card works and to communicate with your relatives and loved one you need to get an Everest Link wifi recharge card. We suggest you buy the Wifi recharge card from Kathmandu or from Namche which will be cheaper for you.


To all the trekkers willing to experience the Everest Base Camp trek in the coming future. You are most welcome to the Everest region where you will get the best accommodation along with the best of the best mountain views. 

The Accommodation facilities in the Everest region are well known as all the trekkers will get good food with better services. You will get a lifetime experience while being on this trail either with your loved one or with your family members.

The accommodation will be loved and along with our trekkers will also gain an opportunity to explore the sherpa community and the day-to-day lifestyle of the people.

Trust me, you will fall in love with the beauty of the mountains being surrounded within you. Along with all the food and dishes you try and experience during your Everest Base Camp Trek accommodation will be the best decision you have ever taken.

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