Tips for Family Holidays to Nepal

Annapurna Base camp Trek

Nepal has been home to adventure freaks and travel enthusiasts from all around the world. But are Nepal’s snow-capped peaks and myths all about thrill and challenge? What about an easy and calm family holiday in Nepal? Can we trek to Nepal with family for a fun vacation?   

Well, now is the time for your family to uncover all the fuss about trekking in Nepal. Despite being a paradise for adventure lovers, Nepal is also about a short trek, cultural insight, a luxurious stay, and peaceful nature. The amagnificentHimalayas make a great family holiday in Nepal. From a quick visit to Kathmandu and seven beautiful lakes in Pokhara to the steamy jungle of Chitwan, the Nepal tour with the family will invigorate the spirit. In a short day, you make memories and photographs that remain forever.

Why a family holiday in Nepal?

  • Leisure and adventurous exploration of Nepal with a safe environment at a highly affordable price (Nepal’s among the cheapest destination to visit)
  • Witness the beauty of the cascading waterfall, panoramic mountains, perennial rivers, pristine lakes, and adventurous caves, all within a small area.
  • .Live with the incredibly hospitable Nepalese people during your stay in the teahouses or Eco-Village.
  • .The short treks around Kathmandu and Pokhara for a wholesome experience of cultural insight and natural delight without hurting your shanks
  • Enjoy the stunning panoramic views even without trekking to the high-altitude regions. Therefore, you get to avoid the risk of altitude sickness and yet enjoy the beauty of Nepal.
  • Explore the rural farming communities and engage in volunteering activities.
  • .Witness the century-old Nepalese culture that reflects utmost love and respect for the family and society; thus, mending your family relationship to be stronger than ever
  • .Family trekking in Nepal means luxury, adventure, knowledge, and nature all at a time. But you must select the right family trekking places in Nepal to live such experiences. Here are the six best families trekking in Nepal.

Best family trekking in Nepal:

Everest Base Camp

The classic trail to the Everest Base Camp might sound very hard. But it’s achievable by anyone with sound physical and mental health. Since you will be walking only five to six hours every day (covering ten to fifteen kilometers each day, it’s pretty achievable even for kids (above 1tenyears) and parents (up to 70 years).

The fantastic view of many tall mountain peaks will delight you during the trek. Along with its divine nature, it’s also the place to witness the ancient Sherpa people. As your family accommodates in the classic tea houses, you can live with the locals and observe their lives from a close distance. The highest altitude at Kala Patthar, 5,643 meters, has the most stunning views.

Annapurna Base Camp Tour

ATrekking in the Annapurna region is a shorter, more accessible, and viable replacement for the Everest tour. The trail of Annapurna base camp has many luxury lodges for a comfortable stay. Your family can explore the base camp at 4,130 meters in less than two weeks from Pokhara.

Along with the Panoramic views of the mountains, the beauty of perennial rivers and waterfalls on the trail will be pleasing. Also, the sub-tropical vegetation inside the Annapurna Conservation Area is a natural playground for many Himalayan flora and fauna. The Gurung and Magar, people cultures make a different cultural experience.

Langtang Valley Trek

Along with the proximity to Kathmandu, the beautiful landscape and mountain vista makes Langtang Valley Nepal’s best trekking destination. You get to the remote valley after a day’s drive from Kathmandu. Since the maximum elevation during the Langtang tour is only about 3,870 meters, it’s pretty easily achievable.

Langtang National Park is the best place to explore the unique Himalayan wildlife. The nearby views of peaks like Yala and Naya Kanga look unbelievable. Also, a couple of days of trekking on the mostly leveled path is easy for your family members.

Poonhill – Ghandruk trek

This is the easiest and most rewarding trekking in Nepal with family. The easy trail of Poon Hill- Ghandruk is a week-long trek with a maximum altitude of 3,210 meters. Thus, along with the stunning views, your family’s safety is also guaranteed. The easy trekking route is mainly made with stone steps.

The hike is from Pokhara as we drive into Nayapul in the Annapurna region. In Spring, the dense Rhododendron Forest will make the entire path colorful. You get to explore the local villages and comfortably trek with all luxury. The trail between Ghorepani and Ghandruk is probably one of the best trekking routes in Nepal. As you reach Ghandruk, you get to have an authentic homestay experience. The close views of mountains, local museums, temples, and monasteries, will make for an excellent trek.

Mustang Trek

Beyond Nepal’s mountains lies the beautiful destination of the Mustang—the trip beings after you fly to Jomsom from Pokhara with your family. The classic town of Jomsom reflects a different landscape with colorful rocks, orange trees, and mountains.

While witnessing the Annapurna massif, we get to trek to Muktinath. This holy temple of Hindu and Buddhist people blesses you with health and prosperity, taking away your sins. The forts and Monasteries of Kagbeni is a beautiful place for a family visit to Nepal. Similarly, there’s Dhumba lake and many other places to visit around Jomsom.

Note: You can drive to Lo-Manthang, Upper Mustang, for insight into Tibetan Buddhist culture. This restricted region of Nepal saves the century-old Nepalese culture in its rawest form.

Mohare Danda

Mohare Danda is a recently opened eco-tourism lodge hike. This week-long community lodge trek bestows the authentic culture of people in the local houses. The people welcome you to their village with the traditional dance song. You stay in local homes and enjoy the organic foods grown on nearby farms. You can skip the crowd of major trekking trails and head for a relatively peaceful and calm experience.

Besides trekking, there are many other fun activities for Family holidays in Nepal. Here are some alternatives to witness Nepal’s best without hiking for weeks.

Sightseeing tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal
We are eco-friendly Tour operators in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan; We offer Cultural tours in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. With a customized itinerary on your request,

The best sightseeing tour in Nepal is the city of Pokhara. This paradise has just the perfect blend of nature, culture, and modernization for a fun and comfortable family stay. The other short tours include visiting Lumbini and Chitwan with your family. A jungle safari with your child in Chitwan Nation Park is the closest you can get to the bio-diversity of Asia. Many rear wild animals, like one-horned rhinos, Musk deer, Bengal tigers, etc., can be seen on a Jeep tour or elephant ride. On another thought, you can drive to Lumbini, the birth of Gautam Buddha, for a cultural trip.

Day Hikes in Nepal

Unlike the trekking trails mentioned above, these day hikes are very comfortable and easy without any risks. You can hike to Shivapuri National Park, Panauti Community Lodge, or Nagarkot viewpoint around Kathmandu Valley. If you visit Pokhara, you can head for Sarangkot and Shanti Stupa hike.

Games and Sports

From Rock climbing in Kathmandu to Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal is a paradise for adventure lovers. For a family holiday in Nepal, you can choose options like Hot air balloon flight, Cycling, and Boating in Pokhara. The Cable car ride in Manakamana, Chandragiri, or Kalinchowk is also qun. If you want something thrilling, rafting can be a good option, but it’s unsafe for children.

Cultural tour

A cultural tour of Nepal, especially during festivals, is the best experience for a family. The celebration and gathering in Nepal show the love and understanding every family must cherish. During the cultural tour with your family, you can celebrate Dashain, Tihar, Losar, Holi, etc. These kinds of times are best done during September/ October.

Community lodge tour

This is the latest and most fulfilling kind of family vacation in Nepal. Also called a”Homestay visi”, you get to stay with the local people, try their traditional clothes, and eat their food during the trip. They teach your family about the local culture, language, songs, and dance that have become a part of their life.

Volunteering activities

Working for a common goal to serve humanity Volunteering activities with your family in Nepal is a great concept. You enjoy a tour, spend time with your family, and at the same time help the poor people in the villages of Nepal.

Things you should know before Family holidays in NepalKid’ss age for trekking in NepalIt’ss wise to bring your Kids to Nepal only after they are seven. Before that, they shouldn’t be doing any treks. Kids above ten years can walk at a quick speed on the steep trail. If your Kid is below 7, only aim for a sightseeing tour and drive.

Family Safety in Nepal

While TWhiletrekking to Nepal with family, the three challenges are altitude, illnesses, and remoteness.

Firstly, choose the lower Elevation trek, stroll, and drink enough water to prevent altitude sickness. Do trek on the popular trail listed above to avoid extreme remoteness. However, carrying your care amenities and snacks would be best. IStickingwith Nepalese Dal Bhat in the trek and serving your family best. Also, lit looks for the symptoms like diarrhea, cramping, and other gastro illnesses. Do carry antibiotics and other personal medication.

Travel Insurance

Getting your travel insurance before flying to Nepal is a humble request. The chances of illness, flight cancellation, and baggage loss cannot be ignored. Sometimes, a high-altitude trail like Everest Base Camp might need helicopter rescue. Thus, getting travel insurance for the entire family before you fly to Nepal is essential.

Prepare for the trek.

Firstly, do maintain good physical fitness for yourself and your family. Train them with cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, and sand summing before the hike. Go for short walks around your home county and know what you can expect. Online research, shopping, and proper packing are all fundamental.

Choose the right season.

Trekking with family, especially in Monsoon and winter, is very hard. Trekking trails in Nepal are at their best during Autumn and Spring. Autumn (September- November) has clear skies and stable weather. Also, it’s the month for festivals and celebrations, thus an excellent time for cultural insight. Also, Spring, with colorful flowers, new vegetation, and vibrant wildlife, is a good time for the trek.

The Mustang and Manang rain-shadow regions will be the best alternatives if you travel to Nepal during Monsoon. In winter, only aim for lower altitude treks around Kathmandu and Pokhara. Your Kid might be unable to bear the freezing winter temperature in the mountains.

How to Organize a family trek to Nepal?

Firstly, getting a well-organized package from a travel agency is the easiest option to trek with a family in Nepal, Or you can go for an independent trek. In such a case, inspiring a guide and a porter is beneficial. If you are a large family, an independent expedition will be helpful. But for a smaller family of 2 to 3 people, trekking with a travel agency will be safer and cheaper.

You can book the family tour to Nepal online or after you get to Kathmandu. If you (and your family) have a passport with a validity of over six months, you can get a tourist visa to Nepal on arrival. Since Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to visit, your family expenses will be pretty low. Rooms can cost about $5 to $100, and food costs about $4 to $8 per meal.

ConclusionNepal’ss among the safest and most beautiful countries for a family holiday. This country has everything you dream of, from adventurous treks to quiet luxury holidays and sightseeing tours; mend your family relationship and create a lifetime of memory by trekking to Nepal with your family.

Remember us if you seek any help. We understand your need and time to arrange the best tour in Nepal accordingly.

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