Annapurna Base Camp Trek In September

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September is great for trekking in Nepal. The route offers rich traditions and culture, with communities offering simple living and friendly people

The monsoon rain clears the air and provides you with amazing views and a variety of greenery and lakes along the route. Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp is cost friendly as well as provides you amazing mountain views, with a variety of greenery, and the amazing Himalayas.

 The route is rich in traditions and culture, with communities offering simple living and friendly, and hospitable people. You can interact with Tamangs, Gurungs, and other ethnicities, learning about their beautiful traditions, rituals, and cultures.

Annapurna Base Camp Weather in September

Beginning in September, rainfall occurs more frequently in the southern region near Pokhara than in the northern region.

 As the monsoon season comes to an end, September provides clean, refreshing paths, moderate daytime temperatures, and overnight temperatures below freezing.

 As the rainy season ends a lot of people trek to Annapurna Base Camp within this time. Rainfall in the early stages of the Annapurna area provides for a bright sky and beautiful mountains covered in snow.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Temperature in September

The highest temperature at Annapurna Base Camp in September can range from 12°C to 15°C (54°F to 59°F) during the daytime. The afternoon sun can be warm and energetic, offering you a great trekking experience. The temperature could rise vastly as you fall into lower elevations.

The temperature at Annapurna Base Camp in September can fall rapidly at night and in the early mornings. The lowest temperature ranges from -2°C to 4°C (28°F to 39°F). The temperature falls as you get closer to the base camp due to the higher elevation.

Temperature table

S.NPlaceElevation Minimum TemperatureMaximum Temperature
1Kathmandu1400m/ 4594ft19°C26°C
2Pokhara822m/ 2697ft15°C21°C
3Nayapul1070m/ 3511ft6°C13°C
9Annapurna Base Camp4,130m/13,546ft-8°C15°C
11Jhinu Danda1780m/ 5838 ft15°C27°C
12Pothana1890m/ 6199 ft16°C28°C

ABC Trail Temperature in Kathmandu

Your journey to Annapurna base camp will begin from Kathmandu, located at an altitude of 1400m. During September, the maximum temperature of Kathmandu was 26°C, and the minimum temperature was 19 °C. 

ABC Trail Temperature in Pokhara

After the Kathmandu flight, you’ll reach Pokhara, which is an elevation of 822m. The maximum temperature of Pokhara in September will be 21°C and the minimum temperature will be 15°C

Annapurna Base camp Trek Trail in Pokhara

ABC Trail Temperature in Nayapul 

After Pokhara, your next destination is Nayapul, situated at an elevation of 1070m. The temperature of Nayapul during the month of September is a maximum of 13°C and a minimum is 6°C

ABC Trail Temperature in Tikhedhunga

After trekking for 5-6 hours from Nayapul, you’ll reach Tikhedhunga at an elevation of 1560m. The temperature during September is a maximum of 22°C and the minimum is 10°C

ABC Trail Temperature in Ghorepani

Located at 2860m altitude, Ghorepani is another destination that you’ll reach after trekking for 7-8 hours of trek from Tikhedhunga. In September Ghorepani’s minimum temperature is 8°C whereas, the maximum temperature is 29°C

ABC Trail Temperature in Tadapani

After 7-8 hours of trek you’ll reach Tadapani which is located at 2630m. The minimum temperature of Tadapani is 13°C and the maximum temperature is 24°C during September.

ABC Trail Temperature in Chhomrong

From Tadapani, it takes 6-7 hours to reach Chhomrong which is at an altitude of 2170m. In the month of September Chhomrong has the highest temperature of 16°C and the lowest temperature is 5°C.

Annapurna Base Camp Temperature in the Himalayas

Himalaya, located at an altitude of 4130 takes 6-7 hours to reach from Chhomrong has a minimum temperature of 5°C and a maximum temperature of 15°C in the month of September in Annapurna base camp.

Annapurna Base Camp Temperature

After trekking for 6-7 hours from the Himalayas, you’ll finally reach Annapurna base camp which is located at an altitude of 4130m. The Annapurna base camp is cooler than other places in the Annapurna region because of its high altitude. The minimum temperature of the Annapurna base camp trek in September is -8°C whereas, the maximum temperature is 15°C.

 ABC Trail Temperature in Bamboo

 After trekking for 7-8 hours from Annapurna base camp you’ll reach an elevation of 1780m, Bamboo. The temperature of Bamboo during September is a minimum of 10°C and a maximum of 20°C.

ABC Trail Temperature in Jhinu Danda

Jhinu Danda which is located at 1780m is your next destination after Bamboo. You’ll reach Jhinu Danda after trekking for 7-8 hours. You’ll experience a temperature of a minimum of 15°C and a maximum of 27°C.

ABC Trail Temperature in Pothana 

Your last destination for the Annapurna base camp region is Pothana which you’ll reach after trekking for 7-8 hours from Jhinu Danda. Jhinu Danda situated at an altitude of 1890m, experience minimum temperature of 16°C and maximum temperature of 28°C.

Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

  • The Beauty of September in the Annapurna Region
  • Beautiful surroundings and different plants
  • Moderate Weather Conditions
  • Teahouse Culture and Warm Hospitality
  • Beautiful eye-catching Views
  • Poon Hill Sunrise experience
  • An Opportunity to Interact with Locals
  • Bridge Crossings and Suspension Bridges
  • sightseeing of Pokhara City
  • An Opportunity to Connect with Nature

Difficulties in Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

Weather uncertainties:

After the monsoon season ends the weather of Annapurna Base Camp in September is often pleasant but more unpredictable.

Rain or snowfall may unexpectedly occur in the weather, especially at higher altitudes. You should pack the right clothing and materials to be warm and dry and be ready for various weather conditions.

Difficulty in Finding Accommodation:

September is one of the most popular times to trek in the Annapurna base camp. during this month, a lot of tourist from around the world comes to trek in the Annapurna base camp in mid of September. The number of tea houses will be constant, and as a result, there will be a problem in finding a place to stay due to the peak season in the Annapurna base camp in September.

Wet routes:

Sometimes the monsoon season lasts until September. You’ll experience rain in the evenings in the first week of September. The walking route could get slippery and damp, and as a result, Walking may become challenging.

Colder nights:

Nights are extremely colder than days in Annapurna base camp; temperatures at night fall below 0 degrees. The rooms in the tea houses are not properly warm, making your body cold. Carrying a sleeping bag will help you in that situation. you can also ask for an extra blanket if you fell extremely cold.

Altitude sickness:

Altitude sickness is a major risk on the ABC Trek when you travel to higher altitudes. The base camp is at an elevation of 4,130m, and some trekkers can get altitude sickness symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, and tiredness. To minimize the chance of getting altitude-related problems, it is important to be hydrated and trek safely.

Tips and advice for Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

Book in Advance:

Before starting the journey, make sure to prepare in sufficient time and get the essential permissions and pre-book for your accommodation. September is a popular month for trekking, and tea houses on the way can be already filled.  Making reservations in advance provides you with a comfortable sleep every night.

Carry warm and rain protection equipment

Since there is a chance of unpredictable rain in the month of September in the Annapurna base camp, carry rain protection stuff not to hamper your trek. There will be cold at night and also in the early morning so make sure to have warm clothes. But remember not to pack heavy clothes as it will increase your load.

Drink sufficient water

Enough water is necessary for energy levels throughout the journey. Your body dehydrates faster While you trekking in the mountains. Carry a reusable water bottle, and be hydrated all the time.

Do not consume water from natural sources as it can cause waterborne diseases. Drink enough water from time to time to keep your body from being dehydrated when you are at a high altitude.

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes means you’re adding the risk of altitude sickness. Keep avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol during the trek if you want a successful trek.

Wear comfortable trekking boots

Make sure you have a good pair of boots that provide enough ankle support if you want to enjoy every moment of your trekking journey.

It’s important to spend money on a pair of comfortable boots that will keep your feet feeling good and protected during the time of your trek.

Be physically and mentally strong

The journey to Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September is both a difficult and rewarding journey. The routes are more difficult than you think. That’s why you need to be more physically and mentally fit. 

Don’t ignore altitude sickness symptoms

If you try to avoid or ignore the symptoms of altitude sickness it can become a serious problem. So, if you see there are signs of it take some time to rest and speak out.

There is nothing to be scared of because anyone could become a victim of it. Otherwise, the sickness will get worse and you’ll have to trek down to a lower altitude.

Trekking Equipment For ABC Trek in September

  • Comfortable hiking boots with ankle support
  • Lightweight and breathable trekking pants
  • Long-sleeved shirts for sun protection
  • warm jacket for cold mornings and night
  • Rain protection jacket and pants for uncertain weather
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • trekking socks that quickly dry and take away dampness
  • jacket made of cotton or wool for extra warmth
  • For cold mornings, have a warm hat, gloves
  • a hat or cap to block the sun
  • Headlamp with extra batteries for evening use
  • Trekking poles that are small and light for stability

Sleeping Essentials

  • Quality and lightweight sleeping bag for cold temperatures
  • covering for sleeping bags for more warmth and clean

Hydration and Water Purification Tablet

  • Refillable water bottles with a minimum 1-liter capacity
  • Water purification tablets to get avoid water-borne diseases

Basic Toiletries

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • soap and shampoo for personal use
  • Hand sanitizer
  • The towel which dry quickly

First Aid Kit

  • Bandages and tape for small wounds and burns.
  • Disinfectant wipes and antibacterial lotion
  • Pain relievers 
  • Antidiarrhea medication
  • Prescription medications
  • Diamox for altitude sickness 
  • Personal medical

Personal items

  • Mini power bank for charging electronic devices
  • Camera and additional batteries for photographing amazing views
  • A travel diary and a pen for writing down the experience
  • Plastic bags to keep wet or dirty clothes separate

Important documents

  • A valid passport and necessary permits (e.g., TIMS card, ACAP permit)
  • Emergency contact numbers and addresses
  • Travel insurance with trekking safety

Cash and snacks

  •  Sufficient Nepali currency to purchase local items on th way
  • Energy bars, and snacks for extra energy when trekking

Make sure you have all of the essential equipment, permits, and information before beginning your Annapurna Base Camp treks in September.

The Annapurna region provides different trekking experiences suitable for all adventurers, from beginners looking for short, beautiful climbs to experienced mountain bikers searching for challenging challenges.

Ghorepani Poon Hill treks

The Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is a short but satisfying journey through rich rhododendron forests and beautiful villages with stunning views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges.

Annapurna Mountain Range View

 The highlight of this trek is the breathtaking sunrise view from Poon Hill, one of the best viewpoints in the region

Annapurna Circuit mountain bikes

The Annapurna Circuit is one of the world’s most famous and difficult trekking routes. The Annapurna Circuit Mountain Bikes is a challenging option for adventurers who prefer bikes to explore the Annapurna region.

This bike ride takes you through different surroundings, high mountain passes, and remote villages, providing a memorable biking experience.

Khopra Ridge

The Kopra Ridge is one of the best viewpoints in Mount Dhaulagiri  Annapurna South, Fang, and Nilgiri.

The trek connects you deeply with the regional culture and traditions as it passes through dense forests, agricultural plants, and peaceful villages.

Is September a good time for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

Yes, September provides amazing and clear views, making September a good time for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. 

How cold is Annapurna base camp in September?

The weather is moderate during the day, but at night, the temperature is below freezing point.

Final word

The September Annapurna Base Camp Trek is an unforgettable journey that will take you through various surroundings, beautiful forests, and close interactions with some of the highest peaks in the world. September is the perfect time for an unforgettable journey because of its pleasant weather, and the beautiful views.

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