Trekking Holidays in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

How are you planning to spend your holiday this year? Let’s spend your holiday Trekking in Nepal.

Nepal has diverse landscapes, exotic terrain, and friendly faces. Along with its warm hospitality, Nepal has many places to travel to experience unique cultures, breathtaking sceneries, and distinctive lifestyles. Nepal has some of the world’s most adventurous and alluring destinations, where travellers can share the lowest valleys and the highest peaks in terms of altitude.

This small country receives upwards of a million visitors every year who travel to trek around the mountain peaks of Nepal. Nepal is also seen as a time capsule of the past since the remotest of villages exist scattered around various trekking routes, making it one of the best trekking destinations in Nepal. Some of Nepal’s more famous trekking destinations are Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Upper Mustang, the Langtang Valley, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp, and Dhaulagiri Base Camp.

Trekking and learning the intricacies of nature interwoven into the lives of various ethnicities make Nepal the epitome of memorable treks and journeys. It is considered one of the most desired trekking destinations worldwide for numerous reasons. Some of them are discussed below.

Superior Trekking Experience  

Trekking in Nepal has always been the reverie of most travellers who set foot in Nepal. The home to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, Nepal, hosts a range of altitudes varying from the lowest valleys to the highest mountains. Home to the majority of the highest peaks in the world, Nepal is the perfect place for trekking enthusiasts to visit. The rugged terrain and the alpine routes visitors take while trekking is some of the world’s remotest and most challenging tracks. This, along with the geography of Nepal, makes it one of the most adventurous places to trek in the world. The beautiful landscapes and high-altitude breeze of the Nepali Himalayas will likely make this trekking experience one of the most unique and memorable experiences of anybody’s life.

Multiple Options 

Nepal is home to eight of the twelve highest peaks in the world, making it a top contender for alpine trekking. The extensive roster of trekking routes in Nepal is second to none. Trekking enthusiasts have different options, ranging from alpine peaks to deep lowlands. Furthermore, these treks are also divided in terms of time consumption. Since it takes a long time to get to some places in high altitudes, treks in Nepal are managed based on time. The more famous and treacherous treks like Everest Base Case, Annapurna Base Camp, Upper Mustang, and Langtang take approximately 16-18 days. Other tours, such as Upper Dolpo and Kanchenjunga Base Camp, take upwards of 20 days. All these treks vary in geography and flavour. The more famous hikes like EBC and ABC are filled with tourists almost yearly since they receive more attention. The more low-key treks like Upper Dolpo and Kanchenjunga Base Camp are supplied with remote villages and unexplored destinations, so it takes twice as long to complete these treks. Consequently, these multiple options are why Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations in the world.

Experience Exotic Culture and Tradition

Nepal is called one of the remotest places on Earth for a reason. The people and the culture found here are unique to the country. From the Newars in the capital to the aboriginal tribes in the villages scattered in the trekking routes of the Himalayas, the culture of these Ethnicities in Nepal is one of the must-see things in the mountainous country of Nepal. These people and their culture allow travellers to see the true beauty and originality of the country from the native’s perspective. The various communities of Nepal get tourists rattled when they visit since they experience some of the world’s oldest and most peculiar customs and traditions. Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung, Thakuri, and Tharu are just a few ethnic communities that offer an exotic taste of their culture to the ones on the journey in Nepal.

Safe and Sound Holiday  

Nepal is known to be a peaceful country where people of multiple cultures and races live in harmony. The people who reside in the country are some of the friendliest and most humble ones one can ever get acquainted with. The strenuous high-altitude treks of Nepal are made warm and welcoming by the people. Even in the most dangerous and inhospitable regions where travellers trek, one will find the friendliest people willing to help in any way possible. Moreover, Nepal welcomes foreigners since a considerable portion of its economy is influenced by tourism. This, in turn, is why Nepal is safe and one of the best destinations to visit.

Overall, Nepal is a beautiful, safe, and adventurous country. Every year millions of people from around the world pour in to experience Nepal in its rawest form. The treks and expeditions one finds here are one of a kind and can only be found in Nepal. This is why Nepal is the best holiday destination to visit and shall remain so.

Puru Founder of My Everest Trip

Puru Thapaliya

My name is Puru (Purushottam Thapaliya). Since completing the Government Guide Training from Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (KEEP and HRA), I have been a specialist in mountain trekking and peak climbing. With specific expertise in the Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan regions, I have now been a trekking guide and tour operator in Nepal, and across the Himalayas, since 2012.